Review: Best Route Optimizer Pro

Road trips are one of those quintessentially awesome trips that you’ll always remember. It’s one of the best ways to see a country, because you really get the chance to stop in places you couldn’t on a bus or train, and you really just get to enjoy the journey itself as the destination. If you’ve got some great travel buddies, a reliable vehicle and of course some great road trip jams, you’re nearly set for the most epic road trip of your life.

There’s one more thing you’ll need to do before you go, though: download the Best Route Optimizer Pro app. It’s the one app that’s going to change your life when it comes to road tripping – no joke.

Before I ever downloaded this app, road trips were fun but definitely a bit scattered. We’d have maps out all over the place, and different GPS systems that would often lose satellite connection. Basically, getting lost was on the agenda. But after downloading the Best Route Optimizer Pro, my road trips became so much smoother and enjoyable! Basically, directions were always clear and easy to follow, which ended up saving us tons of time as well as money on our trip. No more random detours trying to find the right road. No more burning through gas in efforts to find a suitable hotel en route. This app was able to direct us precisely where we needed to go, so we could focus on enjoying the journey.

One thing that’s been great about the Best Route Optimizer Pro is that it maps out the most efficient path from one point to another. That way, you’re able to save time and gas by taking the shortest route. The connection is always smooth, and we were never left hanging. The point is to optimize your trip, so that you can visit every destination you want to in the quickest amount of time. We had so much fun stopping in between destinations at spots that just looked interesting. That’s most of the fun of a road trip! And every time, this app just rerouted us back on track to where we wanted to go. No extra thinking about it, no stress. Just a fun, memorable journey with great people and exciting experiences.

The display itself on the app is super user-friendly, and you have a number of different options for entering your destination. You can type in the address or the name of the destination, or you can use the map to find it. It finds your current location with satellite and can quickly tell you the time and distance to get there. Overall this app was one of the best things I’ve downloaded as far as functionality and ease of use. I would highly recommend it for anyone embarking on a road trip soon!