Reasons To Visit Antarctica


Antarctica is probably not somewhere that you would think of when it comes to a must visit destination, but it truly is. You can’t travel the whole world without taking an Antarctica cruise and I promise you that it will be one of the most unique experiences of your life. I think it just an amazing place and there are so many reasons to visit Antarctica, so read on to find out just a few of them.

Not at all typical

Because it is never really thought of as a typical holiday destination, it requires some very special planning. You can’t just jump on a plane and fly there, you need to take an Antarctica cruise to visit this place. You also can’t just visit at any time, because the whole continent is covered in total darkness during the winter months, which makes it impossible to visit unless you work on a research base of course. This means you can only go during the holiday season and there is no low season, just the high season. This is between November and March. It also requires special planning in terms of clothing and equipment, which makes it even more unique than your average travel destination.


Of course Antarctica has its own unique history with the race to reach the South Pole and the former research stations that were once there. There really isn’t anything quite like the history that this place has and there are many old buildings that you can discover, such as old whaling stations and settlements. These places are of course extremely interesting and I loved to picture how it would have been with pretty limited technology to tackle a harsh place like this and by visiting these places you can experience it for yourself.

The wildlife

This is one of the biggest drawcards of Antarctica, where else in the world can you see whales, masses of penguins (including emperor and adelie penguins), resting seals and many species of fascinating birds in the one place? I love the fact that you get to see these beautiful creatures in their own habitat, rather than in a zoo. The nature is also unique due to the distinct lack of regular plants, instead you can see lichen and mosses, as these are the only “plant life” that is able to survive in such adverse conditions. You certainly won’t forget the unique wildlife, I can assure you of this.

It is untouched

As humans we all want to be unique and do things that make us different from others, and visiting one of the most exclusive and untouched places on the planet is something that we all want to enjoy. There truly isn’t any other place on earth that is as well preserved as Antarctica and the pure beauty of the vast glaciers, enormous icebergs and endless white will stun you with beauty. I guarantee that visiting this wonderful continent will be unforgettable, don’t forget your camera too, because you are most likely going to take more pictures than you have ever taken in your life before.

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