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Reasons to Buy Travelers Insurance


1.   Shoot, Your Flight Has Been Cancelled

The price of your vacation is pretty critical when it comes to Trip Cancellation insurance. Let’s say you’re taking a 30 minute flight between Dallas and Austin that cost you $80 bucks; you definitely don’t need to get travelers insurance. But on the other hand, if you are taking a $12,000 cruise around Indonesia; make sure that your travelers insurance covers you! You don’t want to be out of money and out of a vacation if you get sick or the travel provider goes out of business.

2.   You Get Sick Two Days In

Travel health insurance is a big must when it comes to globe-trotting anywhere. Most people think that if they have health insurance in their homeland, they will automatically be covered when they get to their final destination but this is really a big maybe. There are a ton of insurance companies out there who cover medical accidents while abroad, but if for some reason your claim isn’t compensated for, there are other legal companies out there who can help you get repaid for medical bills overseas. has a background in this.

 3.   So Sorry, But We’ve Misplaced Your Baggage

So you’ve arrived at your destination but your luggage seems to have taken a detour. Your daily prescriptions are in the bag and you’re already feeling queezy…what do you do? Well first you say a big thanks to your travel insurance who will cover you in medical needs so that you an get a new prescription ASAP and who will also compensate you for your lost bag.

4.   A Terrorism Threat Occurs During Your Trip

Most travel insurance policies cover trip cancellation do to terrorist threats. For example, if a war breaks out and the U.S. State Department issues a travel warning, you’ll be covered. While it does matter exactly where you are in the world when the event occurs, it is safe to say that you’re going to want to purchase a policy that includes this often forget clause. I know I’d be hightailing it out of any country that was in that sort of danger.

5.   Pick Pocketing is a Real Deal

Imagine you’re enjoying your Italian vacation and suddenly you reach down and your wallet and passport have disappeared. You need emergency cash and a new passport now! Thankfully, travelers insurance covers this for you. It’s all about thinking ahead and planning for the worst possible situation.



Written by Carson Lane 

A generation 'y'er from Ireland, living his dreams and convincing you to do the same. Traveling through more than 90 countries around the world and showing no signs of slowing down