Rail Holidays: The Perfect Way to Travel

When it comes to booking a holiday, there are plenty of decisions to be made. From where to go, to how to get there, you need to find the right holiday option for you. So, how could a rail holiday offer the perfect solution?

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The list of destinations where you can actually go cruising by rail is long and varied. If you ever wanted to marvel at the splendours of Vienna or take in the awe inspiring landscape of Northern Italy, popping into Lake Garda on your travels, then this is most certainly the type of holiday that you’ll enjoy.

Forget fighting with your suitcase or panicking that you’re going to miss your travel connections; this method combines the best of travel with a planned itinerary, meaning all you’ll have to do is sit back and marvel at the scenery.



If you’re fed up with the endless drizzle and cloudy skies of a British spring, then why not go on a cruise that encompasses both Belgium and Holland? The ancient cities of Belgium, including Ghent, are fascinating and a short hop over the Channel on the Eurostar will bring you safely to your destination.

This part of Northern Europe is festooned with canals and waterways, so you’ll be able to glide past the colourful tulip fields on your cruise ship before reaching Amsterdam, where the connection with the train will bring you safely home.

Much of the closing and decisive stages of the Second World War were fought in this part of the world, so amateur historians will enjoy seeing where history was made.



Europe is renowned for its culture and history and one of the most useful ways to explore in the footsteps of its heroes, painters and musicians, is to travel in their footsteps. Admirers of the boy genius, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, will most definitely enjoy travelling throughout Central Europe, crossing Austria, Hungary and Slovakia.

These countries formed part of the old Austro-Hungarian Empire; one of Mozart’s patrons was the emperor Joseph 2nd and travelling to these lands and visiting the emperor’s palaces, as well as attending a Mozart concert or opera, will really bring the 18th century back to life.


Vive La France

You really cannot say that you have explored Europe unless you’ve been to France. The food, wine, culture and the whole experience of the country is truly memorable and one of the easiest ways to get a feel for both Paris and the French countryside is to travel down its waterways, right into the heart of the country.

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