Piggyback is none other than chiptuning

Maybe you, even most people, don’t know what piggyback is. Piggyback is none other than chiptuning. We take the outline that piggyback is a microcomputer-based tool used on cars with injection technology where it’s all controlled by a unit called ECU (electronic control unit) or ECM (engine control module).Piggyback is actually an additional tool to manipulate the data. With the use of piggyback, you can create new data beyond what available from the original manufacturer of your car. That new data can be in accordance with your wishes: increasing the power or economizing the fuel.Many well-known brands make this piggyback. One of them is RaceChip. You can see the catalog and review RaceChip piggybacks on its website, racechip.com

How does piggyback work? The way it works is quite simple. Piggyback blocks and manipulates inputs from multiple sensors and actuators before entering into ECU or ECM. So the inputs into the ECU or ECM are the results of the piggyback processes.

Piggyback is made to facilitate the optimization steps. Basically, piggyback is a separate unit from the ECU. This unit will remap the ECU without having difficulty to do programming on the chip. Piggyback is directly connected to the ECU, and each is equipped with the data required by the engine. The thing to remember is the dealers must set piggyback in advance because each country has different spec.

The data stored in piggyback is the records of the ignition signals and fuels. You have to understand programming parameters of each brand and type of cars. Its own records is the result of testing with dyno. So piggyback is a better choice if you want to optimize the performance of your engine by way of setting the ECU without resetting the data in its chip.

However, you can conduct the ECU remapping if you are already familiar with the work system. In addition to special software, you also require a hardware (tuning box) that connects your laptop or PC with your car’s ECU. This tool is somewhat more expensive. You will need more than one tuning box. You also need to understand the parameters in programming. Of the two, piggyback and remapping, which is more profitable?


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