Indigo Pearl Resort Phuket Lobby
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Review: Phuket's Indigo Pearl Resort

Indigo Pearl Resort Phuket Lobby

Saying that Indigo Pearl Resort is distinctively appealing is an understatement. This fairly-new reconstruction of the previously tsunami-struck Pearl Village Hotel is a total shift from the hotels I have visited anywhere else. And I am almost sure that my thoughts on this place will be shared by many.

Apart from the fact that it is a beach resort, there is something exotically amusing about the total overhaul of this edifice. Inspired from the tin mining heritage of Phuket, it is the so-called ‘industrial chic’ hotel of Thailand. The entirety of the hotel is donned with rare-to-find decors, wooden furnishings, art pieces, polished cement floors, and a whole lot of distinct pieces.

Upon stepping into the lobby (photo above), I could declare that I am truly at Indigo Pearl Resort – yes, with indigo as your indicator – striking indigo sofas, peacock-inspired tall lanterns and an amusing chandelier with sprawling gold metal curls. The interior design gives me a sense of confusion, am I in the old ages of industrial-living or am I in the modernized age? But well in fact, it gives me the best of these two worlds.

a photo of my roomIt has over 200 rooms that have varying touches of inspiration; some of which are the posh and totally spacious private pool villas. But generally, each of the rooms are accented with wood, cement and glass all combined to pull off a truly odd but jaw-dropping beauty – king-size bed, abstract paintings, bronze metal hanging lamps, you name it. The room I got is truly spacious, plus, the end of the room even leads to a glass door to the balcony. Also with cushioned-seats it is just but refreshing to sit there and admire the surrounding gardens. But the area where I fell in-love the most is, the huge space allotted for the bath area (I think I could do cartwheels in here!)

The resort is spacious, there is ample space for the natural beauty of the lush greeneries, 3 pools and access to the shores of the Andaman sea, and over 5 restaurants all over the resort premises. It’s too big it’s so easy to get lost, (thank you for all the markers!) I did get lost roaming around one night.

Tin Mine RestaurantBut of the number of restaurants, I would suggest you to have your breakfast at Tin Mine. It would give you the best morning ambience — surrounding the area are small ponds, matching that with the fresh breeze of a wonderful morning in Phuket. But I did not only sit in this restaurant to feel that, I came here to eat, and sinful eating it gives me. It offers tons and tons of food choices  from vegetables, bread, cereals, dumplings – it’s too much I can’t name  it all. But by simply staring at my eating utensils, I couldn’t deny how the artists of Indigo Pearl have been very dedicated to keep their industrial theme (see the interesting picture below).

eating utensils!

A few other restaurants give a good feel of some fine dining with a loved-one, or a party night with friends. Corporate celebrations, family gatherings and even weddings are also celebrated at specific function areas or by the seashore of the Adamas sea.

Other must-trys in the resort are:

  • Of course, the  2011 World Luxury Spa runner -up, the Coqoon spa
  • Kite surfing in the Nai Yang Beach
  • Indigo gym for health-conscious guests
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More to its stunning beauty, what’s more priceless are the Thais’ hospitality. Everywhere Indigo Pearl’s staffs are just so pleasing, they would help you in any way possible. I felt that their gesture is more than just a responsibility they had to take, but more as a pleasure in helping another tourist in need.



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