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Passing the time on long journeys

I have been travelling around the world for years now, when I first started out there were only a few things that were available to keep boredom at bay. We’ve all been on a ridiculously long train ride, bus journey or even had to wait hours in an airport for a delayed flight. There’s nothing worse than staring out of a window for hours on end or people watching for what seems like an eternity when waiting for a delayed flight, the best thing to do is to try and keep yourself occupied.


With the advances in technology it’s increasingly easy to keep boredom at bay. So what are my best ways to keep entertained?


Simple, been around for ages, but probably the best thing you can do. Having a good book will save you when you have to pass time. If you’re on a long journey it’s so good to become engrossed in a novel and probably finish it by the time you reach your destination. When you get lost in a book you completely forget about time and the hellish journey you might be on.

The Games

This is particularly good if you’re stuck in an airport because you’re almost guaranteed to have wifi and a power source. So get out the smart phone, tablet or laptop and have some fun. During one long wait I was feeling bored and looking for a new game to play, I came across a free demo for a casino, why not give it a go I thought. Within a minute the boredom had gone and I was betting red or black on the roulette tables, followed by a quick game of Blackjack. This was just a demo so no real money was placed, but it was such a great time filler. The next time I was in the airport I searched for the best online casinos because I decided it was time to up the ante and win some money. For only a few dollars you can play poker against people on the other side of the world, time really does fly when you play, especially when you’re winning some hands. On more than one occasion being delayed has actually been very profitable for me and allowed me to upgrade the hotel I planned to stay in!

Get Some Work Done

If you’re forced to sit somewhere for hours with no place to go then why not make it work for you and do the things you’d been putting off for so long? For me, it’s a great chance to catch up on emails, make some money and also start publishing blog posts. It also allows you to go through your photos, edit them and get them ready for upcoming blog posts.

Do you have any tips or experiences on how to keep boredom at bay when travelling? I would love to hear your thoughts! All you have to do is pop your musings down in the comment section below this article, I can’t wait to read them all guys.

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