Party capitals of the world

Looking for somewhere to visit to experience the best party of your life? Want to make memories you’ll never forget? All over the world there are cities that offer an unforgettable party experience, often until the early hours of the following morning. Do you want to find these epic bashes? Let us show you:

Amsterdam, Netherlands

New York may have the moniker of ‘the city that never sleeps’ but that name could also ring true for Amsterdam with its 24-hour parties. The Dutch capital’s famous party district lies in Rembrandtplein which only opens at midnight itself – staying open until 6am. Further nightlife in Amsterdam floods onto the streets among its many pretty canals. With a number of its famous coffee shops, the red light district and cocktail bars, there is somewhere for everyone to party.

Belgrade, Serbia

A city that was in the news for all the wrong reasons for a number of years, the younger generation in Belgrade have been making amends of late to push the reputation of the Serbian capital into a party hotspot. Because now, every night in Belgrade is Friday night. Located on the River Danube, a lot of parties take place on boats. This city is now the centre of nightlife in the Balkans that now attracts world famous DJs and the summertime EXIT Festival is one of Europe’s finest.

Las Vegas, USA

“What happens in Vegas…” you know how the rest goes. The Strip is full of risque nightlife and glamorous casino resorts where they have no clocks and nightlife has no limits. Sin City stays awake until dawn and is famous for having one of the best party atmospheres in the world. The possibilities are endless and suit every desire and is much more exuberant than any of the online casinos in the USA.

London, England

From the glitz of the West End to the trendy outposts of Hackney, London has something for everyone. London is famous for many things and some of its clubs are among that list. The English capital also offers swanky cocktail bars, rooftop terraces and historical pubs – basically, something to suit everybody’s needs. London is one party capital everyone needs to visit at least once in their lifetime.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Perhaps the most famous city in the world for partying on the beach. Day or night. If there’s one city that can offer every single delight any human could possibility want, Rio de Janeiro is it. Parties 24/7, sprawling beaches and people living life to the full is what this Brazilian city is all about. The party aura is overwhelming in Rio, particularly after midnight when the waterfront comes alive with samba beats and continues into the early hours of the next day.

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