Packing Tips for Travel During the Holidays

Packing for a trip can be stressful anytime but travelling during the holiday season can present a whole new set of challenges. Travelling during the holidays can mean hauling Christmas gifts to and from your destination along with having to plan for weather that is opposite to what you are experiencing at home.

We have compiled a list of tips to help ease the stress of packing for your holiday travels. Whether you are planning to fly to see family or are headed to an exotic international destination for an escape, these helpful packing tips are one way to save money while travelling during the holiday season. In addition, you could end up saving time and potential hassles. So pack your bags right, enjoy your flight, and make this holiday season cheery and bright.

Ship Gifts

Many of us will be doing our Christmas shopping online this year. If you are planning on travelling during the holiday season and are planning on carrying gifts, why not have them drop shipped to your travel destination.

Even shipping gifts yourself to your holiday destination could be more cost effective than paying for sometimes high baggage fees and will at the very least be less of a hassle than lugging them around.

Do Not Wrap Your Gifts Before Your Fly

If you do decide to bring Christmas presents in your luggage, it is wise to not wrap them ahead of time. Airport security may have to open your carefully wrapped presents as part of safety checks. Instead carry gift wrap or gift bags in your suitcase and wrap your gifts when you arrive. Gift wrap and gift bags weigh very little and can easily be packed.

Purchasing Duty Free Items

When travelling internationally, you may be tempted to purchase airport duty free holiday gifts. When returning to Australia with duty free items, you will want to research what is and isn’t allowed across the border. Australia has duty free allowances in place for which you will pay duty if you exceed.

If you find yourself with connecting flights, you may end up forfeiting purchases that are not put in checked luggage if those items are not allowed past airport screening check points.

Avoid Food Products if Travelling Internationally

It is best to avoid bringing food products, alcohol, and tobacco when travelling internationally as countries often have restrictions when it comes to allowing these items. You run the risk of forfeiting these items, paying duty for excess, or may even face fines.

Split Your Suitcases

Should the unfortunate happen and some of your luggage is lost or delayed, it will be less of a hassle if you and your travelling party split your items between suitcases. This means combining each other’s clothing, toiletries, and other essentials to a degree so as no member is left with nothing should a bag not show up.

Lost or delayed baggage is one good reason why travel insurance can come in extremely handy. You can purchase online travel insurance quickly and easily and it will cover you for both lost and delayed baggage.

Check Your Liquids

It is always a good idea to put any liquids including toiletries in your checked baggage as there are limits on what can be brought in your carry-on baggage when flying. In Australia, you are allowed liquids in containers carrying up to 100ml (3.4oz for the U.S.) and all liquids must be placed in a clear bag. The bag’s size is also limited and each passenger can only carry one bag of liquids.

Medication, baby milk/food, and special dietary items are usually exempt from these rules.

Pack Warm Clothing

The holiday season in Australia means shorts and t-shirts as it is of course the middle of summer. If you are planning on travelling internationally for the holidays, then chances are you will probably be facing much colder temperatures and maybe even snow. Most of Europe, North America, and Northern Asia will be experiencing quite chilly temperatures so it is essential you take a look at the weather forecast and pack clothing accordingly.

Wear your bulkiest and heaviest winter clothing during your flight to maximise room in your luggage. Planes can often be cold once airborne and you can always remove layers once onboard.

Save Space in Your Luggage or Pack an Extra Duffle

If you are planning on visiting family for the holidays, you may find yourself heading home with more than you left with. This rings especially true if you have children which may receive numerous gifts. Be sure to leave space in your suitcases if you know you will be receiving gifts or pack a lightweight duffle which can hold the extra items. This avoids having to spend the holidays shopping for a new suitcase or waiting in line at the post office to ship items back home.

Travel Insurance

One item that is easy to pack as it takes up literally no room is travel insurance. Travel insurance may prove to be the most important item you have as it protects you from a variety of unfortunate events which can occur during your travels. Purchasing travel insurance in Australia is simple and policies can be had at affordable rates.

Protect yourself from overseas medical expenses, trip cancellation for instances such as unforeseeable death/injury, emergency medical evacuation, trip interruption, lost bags or personal belongings, and more. A simple policy could end up saving you a lot of money and prevent your holidays from being tarnished.

Patience & Understanding

Travelling can test our patience, especially during the busy holiday season. It is therefore important we pack our patience and respect. Remember to be courteous to airport and hotel staff as they are trying their best to make sure everyone has a wonderful trip and holiday season. The holiday season is when many travel staff will work their hardest and many will be spending their holidays away from their families and instead helping many of us with our travels.

Getting angry, pushy, or rude will not only get you nowhere but may also lead to possible negative consequences.