Outdoor Adventures: Fun Camping Activities for the Whole Family

Escaping the noise and chaos of city life is something everyone needs, from time to time. Going on a camping trip is an excellent way for the entire family to reconnect. However, someone will eventually get bored, if the trip isn’t properly planned. The idea is to get everyone in on the activities, from Mom and Dad down to the little ones. Here are some fun camping activities the whole family can take part in.




The first thing to do is get the kids involved with the cooking. While cooking at home might seem a little dull, cooking for a camping trip usually involves an open flame, plenty of smoke and some mouth-watering odors. Getting the kids involved as much as possible will help create fond memories that they will cherish for years to come. Not to mention, you’ll be teaching them fire safety and skills they can use throughout their lives, such as learning to cook without modern stoves and microwave ovens.




Hiking is a great way to teach kids an appreciation for nature in all its forms. The sooner they learn to reconnect with the natural world, the more likely it is that they will learn to appreciate it for its many therapeutic properties, rather than habitually burying themselves in their phones and computers. Hiking is also great exercise and requires a heightened perception of one’s surroundings. This is due to the presence of local wildlife and the possibility of getting lost, should one wander too far off the trail. It’s a great way to teach the young ones some simple navigational skills that might one day save their lives.




Fishing is a basic survival skill that will remain with them throughout their lives. If they’re ever stranded in the woods with little or no food, their ability to catch fish from a nearby lake or pond might make all the difference, while they’re waiting for help to arrive. Fishing will also teach them patience, which is something they can apply to many different areas of their lives. Someday, they will take their own kids fishing and look back fondly on the many lessons you taught them in their own youth.




Playing games is one of the most enjoyable ways to have fun on a camping trip. Since you’re likely to be in an area with limited cell phone service, you might not have access to online games and apps, like this coloring book app for Android. However, there are lots of card games you can play, as well as any board games you decide to bring along. Football and soccer are great family activities designed for the outdoors, provided there’s enough room. Throwing horseshoes is a fun alternative in areas where it might be difficult to throw a ball.


Your imagination should be your ultimate guide to having fun on a family camping trip. If you rely too much on technology for a way to pass the time, you’re defeating the entire purpose of going camping. Remember that not long ago entire families lived without modern conveniences and even their children found ways to enjoy themselves.


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