One Of My Favourite Countries: Mauritius

I love to visit this very interesting place, it certainly doesn’t get the attention that it deserves and I thought why not give some love to a place that doesn’t get as much as it should? Here are some of the reasons I love to visit Mauritius.


Mauritius is home to the largest Hindu pilgrimage outside of India, called the Maha Sivarati. This occurs during February and was an amazing experience when I attended it. There are about 500,00 people that makes the pilgrimage by foot to Grand Bassin. Here there is a statue of the Hindu god Shiva. Diwali is also another nice festival to experience in Mauritius, but there are many more festivals at various times during the year.

The food

One thing you notice about Mauritian food when you are there is the great mix of cultures that give it a unique food identity. This comes from the Indian and French influences that have mixed two of the best kitchens on the entire planet into an amazing mix. The best thing of course is the seafood and this is to be expected from an island nation, I like it cooked in almost every way because it is so fresh and delicious there.

The weather is amazing there

Because of the location of Mauritius it is a place that receives great weather all year round. Temperatures are generally around the low 20 degrees Celsius range during the warmer months, which gives you an idea that it is an ideal place to go during the winter months and this might help you choose when to go. My tip of course is that any time of the year is good!

The Nature

I love the nature here and for any nature lover this place is somewhere that you absolutely must visit. There are so many nature reserves and botanical gardens to explore, as well as rainforests, waterfalls and mountains. The waters that surround the island are also something that presents an opportunity to see some amazing sea life. I love seeing the turtles there and going snorkelling or diving on the open water. Mauritius is one of the nicest places that I have ever been to in terms of nature and I would go back for this reason alone.

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