NSW Coastal Towns – Exploring Hidden Gems

If you are planning a nice, long trip along the east coast of New South Wales, why stop at all the places the normal people go? You’re special, darn it, and you deserve to visit places few know about and to experience the hidden gems that the New South Wales coast has to offer. So grab your car from Europcar Australia and get ready to take a tour of some of the hidden coastal experiences the east coast has to offer. Hanging out with the tourists is so yesterday.

Spooky’s Beach

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Spooky’s Beach definitely wins the award for the coolest beach name ever, but there’s nothing spooky about this little hidden treasure. This beach is shaped like a crescent and is known among surfers but is often overlooked and unknown by most other people. On the beach, you’ll find sand crabs but very little in the way of other people.

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Currarong Beach

If you like a little small town charm to go along with your beach experience, then the fisherman’s haven of Currarong is for you. The small village of Currarong sits near the Currarong Beach, which is a very beautiful white-sand beach and is also famous for its rock pool. Nearby beaches are more popular and well-known and, as a result, this unique and gorgeous beach is often deserted even during the heart of summer. If you are lucky, you may see some migrating whales or some dolphins from your comfortable spot on the white sands. Attractions near Currarong include the wreck of the SS Merimbula and the Point Perpendicular lighthouse. The area also has some great beach houses available for rental during your visit.

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Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach is another little-known gem though this sandy seaside has a bit of historical significance. The beach was chosen by Sir Charles Kingsford Smith in 1933 to be the runway for the first commercial flight from New Zealand to Australia. Scientists have also visited this beach, using it as an area to study sand dunes and the associated vegetation, including a few rainforest species of flora. The area also contains a nearby freshwater wetland known as Coomonderry Swamp, and the beach boasts a variety of native animals.

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Treachery Beach

Located along Thomas Road is the interestingly-named Treachery Beach. This hidden gem is another secret surfing region. Many have heard of it, but few know where it actually is, which means the beach is normally mostly deserted and makes for a perfect spot to relax and watch the waves roll in. If you love surfing, this beach is considered to have some great waves with a large amount of swell and occasionally some rather large waves rolling in. The area also has a “free form” camping area.

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Merimbula is located along New South Wales’ Sapphire Coast. Another hidden gem, the Merimbula area offers five main beaches. For surfing, Main Beach, also known as MarimbulaBeach, and Short Point are considered excellent locations. If you prefer snorkelling, then a visit to Bar Beach will be more your style. There is also a nearby theme park for a little non-beach playtime. The nearby Merimbula Wharf has an aquarium filled with common creatures of the Sapphire Coast such as Bondi torpedos and whale sharks.

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Hipster Beach Bumming

Sometimes to experience a peaceful vacation or road trip, you just have to go off the beaten path and discover places that are cool before everyone knows they’re cool. The many hidden and hard-to-find beaches along the New South Wales eastern coast are great examples of these little-known treasures. In addition to a lower density of tourists and visitors to deal with, these excellent locations often offer experiences and attractions different than the so-called big beaches that everyone flocks to every year. Hop in your auto, pack a lunch and head on down the coast.

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