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Introducing the Gen Y Travel Carnival

Why another blog carnival?

I have been blogging for for close to three years, and one of the best methods I have found for connecting with other bloggers in the field is blog carnivals. It’s also an incredible way to show off your best posts and get new readers and subscribers. The Carnival of Personal Finance has become massive over the past few years and has helped the personal finance blogosphere become very tight.

I have been searching for carnivals in the travel blog space like this, but nearly everything I have found is inactive, extremely niche, or very small. I wanted to start a robust travel carnival that anyone in the 20something/30something travel set can participate in, so I am launching the Gen Y Travel Carnival.

Instructions and guidelines

The basics

The carnival celebrates travel for 20somethings and 30somethings, and will be published once a month. It is most often hosted by my blog, but other travel blogs will host it some months in the same way that a different personal finance blog hosts the Carnival of Personal Finance each week.

Submission guidelines

  • Submit your entry here each month. Entries are due on the last day of each month. It will be published within the first few days of the following month.
  • Please only submit one entry each month. Pick your very best! Any travel-related topic is fine.
  • The post you submit must have been published within the past month.
  • Important: If your post is accepted in the carnival, you must let your readers know by linking back to it or tweeting about it (this is a huge part of what helped the Carnival of PF grow).

The host (me for now) decides which submissions will be included. If your entry was not selected, please don’t be offended and try again the next time!

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