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My retirement goal: Buy a plane!

I’ve always dreamt of being able to fly a plane, then I started thinking about owning my own aircraft. Crazy I know, but if you don’t dream big then what’s the point in dreaming at all? Maybe I was somehow influenced by reading about a certain Mr Travolta having his own plane parked up in the back garden, free to fly wherever he wanted. Of course it would take a lot of work and also a lot of money, but who wouldn’t like to wake up knowing that they have the means to get in their plane and fly away to an exotic location, of course the top gun music would be essential! There would be lots of things to consider; getting a pilot’s license, buying a plane and then planning where you can go.

Getting a license isn’t the most difficult thing in the world, no matter how crazy it seems that someone will let you take control of an aircraft! You need to be over sixteen years old to start the process. Once you’ve got your license you can fly with certain guidelines attached, you can of course keep on working hard to achieve a better license. A license that allows you to become and instructor and also take passengers out with you. I most definitely want to be able to get people on board with me, of course I want my friends to come along for the ride.

Once I read about how straight forward it was to get a license I started thinking about what I wanted to have inside the plane. Sometimes I won’t want to fly and I’ll want to enjoy all of the onboard entertainment that I have built inside. There are tons of but I would love to have a great entertainment system for the passengers. There would have to be the biggest seats that you have ever seen in the back, I don’t want people to feel like they are going on a long haul flight in cattle class. Then there would be the huge TVs so that we are able to watch the latest movies or keep up to date with the latest football matches. Without doubt there would be a large bedroom at the back, just incase I arrive too late to check into a hotel I can stay on the tarmac in luxury!

As for destinations, well the world will be my oyster. The beauty of owning a plane is that you would be on your own schedule and choose your own flight plan. Yes, it’s a pipe dream but if you never try you will never know! Maiden Voyage Airlines could one day be a reality!