Mountains, No Money: Bargain Ski Spots That Save You Money

There are so many beautiful skiing areas around the United States. From the mountains of California to the Nevada mountaintops down to Colorado and beyond, there is no shortage of beautiful skiing spots. The problem comes in sometimes when the usual hotspots are expensive during peak season. Instead we’ll be looking at some bargain spots that are a bit more unknown and less expensive, but offer thrilling rides and amazing places for a trip.

Exploring Top Attractions

There are some must visit trails out there with amazing backdrops and snowy powdered thrill seeking trails. Instead of going to the places that are often covered, you should branch off a bit. These cheaper alternatives won’t leave you nursing your financial wounds. Instead vacationing in a mountain town that is lesser known can offer incredible and different experiences without breaking the bank.

Finding these under the radar attractions is what we’ll be exploring. Off the beaten path are areas that have been big hits with travelers and those seeking to explore different areas as opposed to the norm of famous areas in say California, Lake Tahoe or usual rounds of mountains in Colorado.

Starting off on your journey to these trips, you’ll want to land at the closest airports and save money on travel before picking out any lodging or bringing your skiing gear with you. American Airlines offers some great deals to get to these places. Click here how to earn American Airline miles before embarking on your trip. Here are some unknown spots.


One of our first destinations is on the northwest pacific side where you wouldn’t expect that many great ski towns. The name of the town is Bend, located in Oregon. It is a pretty laid back place right next to the nearby Mount Bachelor. It is over 9,000 feet up there and offers over 3,700 acres of skiable terrain. These runs range from areas for novices all the way to the intermediate and veteran skiers alike.

Along with all of the different skiing courses, there are trails for beginners, snowboard parks, places for your dogs and a thriving community around the area. They have around 80,000 permanent residents living in the area and great affordable places to lodge.

You’ll be able to land a place at $75 a room that include up to four guests. There are multiple breweries and restaurants around the area as well, making it a great place to go out have some fun and meet people. It is a short drive from Portland, only 175 miles away and 343 miles from Seattle.


Colorado makes the list on having some of the most locations in the Continental United States to go skiing. The town that makes it on the list is a place called Telluride. Its trails are pristine and it makes a case for having a wide range of different winter sports and great place for experienced and novice skiers alike.  

The slopes are only seventy miles south of the nearest Montrose Regional Airport. It offers flights to major areas across the United States. There are great deals on Telluride’s tourist website. It includes all inclusive package deals at some of the nearby resorts that go for $475 for two adults that include two to three room residences, free transportation and free lift tickets all included in one. It’s a lot easier to get the most out of your deal while booking everything in advance at Telluride.


Finally, the great big state of Montana offers less known ski areas for all levels of skiers. Right outside of Bozeman, Montana is Bridger Bowl. The highest elevation they have here is up to 8,700 feet. Cross country skiers can check out some long winded ski trail systems or snowboard amongst some radical ridge terrain on the Bridger Bowl. They offer cheap tickets to skiers at only $19 a day for children and for adults 13 years age of up for $54.

The ski resorts here have discounts and promotions available for those that seek it out as well. That is something you’ll always want to be on the lookout for as well. You’ll be able to find a hotel for less than $100 a month per night while organizing a trip.

These few states are only some of the major lesser-known areas you can find killer deals and be shredding the powder all day without worrying that you’re spending too much.

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