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Maiden Voyage Must-Read Monday

This week, I discovered many insightful blog posts from the travel blogosphere. With almost 200 countries in the world, there’s no way I can claim to be an expert on everything related to global travel. That’s why I love reading and sharing posts from other travel bloggers; collectively, we share an incredible amount of experiences and expertise.  Please read on and enjoy!

  • Twenty-Something Travel explores a new online travel service, TripIt, which can help you keep track of your upcoming journeys.
  • Around the World discusses why traveler visas are important and the various ways you can obtain one.
  • Kyle at the STA Travel Blog lists some of the best markets in the city of Shanghai.
  • Tory at Let’s Go Girl recounts her 48 hours in Mysore, India, which includes some couchsurfing.
  • Going to Belgium anytime soon? Nomadic Matt gives the 101 on eating and drinking in Belgium.
  • Sharing Experiences shares the three best day trips from Madrid, Spain.
  • Travel Eat Love announces that she is going to Ireland and describes some of her favorite Irish foods.
  • There’s a lot of glamor in the notion of world travel, but it’s not always as rosy as it sounds. Lindsey at The Backpacker Daily candidly shares her frustrating experience with transportation in crowded Mumbai.
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