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Maiden Voyage Must-Read Monday

Are you bored? Do you want some travel ideas? Do you need some vacation inspiration? Read this list of some of my favorite travel-related blog posts from the past week and you’ll be raring to hop on a plane.

  • Chris Around the World drank tequila in Tequila, Mexico, and documented it with some incredible photos.
  • Mark at Budget Travel alerts us that travel costs will likely rise and we should book our travel before the end of the month if we still want a great deal.
  • Nile Guidance provides insight from locals about what to do (and not to do) when traveling to 10 major cities across the world.
  • Wonder where those diamonds come from? Hotel Check-In provides insight into AAA’s hotel inspection process.
  • Nomadderwhere discusses the irony of coming home from a round-the-world trip and then living like a hermit.
  • Twenty-Something Travel explains why and how to create a travel notebook (I do this, too!).
  • One of the best parts of travel is becoming familiar with local culture. Nancy the Gnomette lists 10 wonderful ways you can immerse yourself in a new country.
  • JetSet Citizen features an interview with Nora Dunn, a self-proclaimed professional hobo, which shows some insight into how she manages to travel full-time.
  • Not great with money? A Little Adrift provides a free spreadsheet that you can use to calculate your budget for traveling around the world.
  • The Planet D discusses whether electronics are a burden or a blessing while traveling. I would argue that it’s a split!
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