Limassol – Cosmopolitan and fun!

With a population of around 200,000 Limassol is the second largest city in Cyprus and a major tourist destination that continues to attract both locals and tourists alike, long after Ayia Napa has closed for the winter.
Flight time from the UK to Cyprus is around four hours, routed to both Larnaca and Paphos international airports. From here, it is about 40 minutes to Limassol, where a wealth of options exist in hotel, villa and self-catering options. Always ensure that you have adequate annual travel insurance for your stay.

What to do
The beauty of Cyprus as a holiday destination is its wealth of options, and Limassol is a perfect place to start, There has been a number of projects to renovate the old town and port districts, giving an opportunity to get a feel for the old Limassol, without detracting from the cosmopolitan atmosphere that has been created by the cities modern business ties. This gives you the chance to sample both ends of the spectrum offered by Limassol.
Visits to the ancient city of Amathus and Kourion are excellent ways to spend a day, as is a walk around Kolossi Castle (outside Limassol).
During February and March, Limassol also offers the ‘Limassol Carnival’. A vibrant, loud and colourful event that is guaranteed to bring some cheer, with food, drink and dancing being the order of the evening.
Maybe a quiet walk is more in keeping with your plans and there are many opportunities for this too, including a stroll down the wooden promenade, next to the sea, and opposite the Kingdom of Amathus archaeological site. Maybe a walk around Limassol Castle and the Municipal Garden, found on the beach road, is more your style. In truth, the options are endless and there is something to suit all tastes.

Where to eat
Probably the most important point to make here is that the vast majority of the Cypriot population speak English so there are no issues with ordering food, and the best advice available is to avoid obviously ‘tourist’ restaurants. They do tend to be more expensive and generally do not offer the best in Cyprus cuisine. Simple food, such as a kebab are freshly cooked and inexpensive, while no holiday should go without a traditional Cyprus Mezze. Filling and delicious! The key here is to try keep to local restaurants wherever possible as they offer the best value for money and the very best eating experience. However, if that is not your choice, all major restaurant chains such as KFC, Burger King and Pizza Hut; are also represented in Limassol.

In all, Limassol is a truly ancient, yet cosmopolitan city that has something to offer everyone, regardless of taste. Ancient archaeological sites to the very latest nightclubs. A walk in the park to a walk through the carnival. Limassol has it all!

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