Key decisions you need to make when choosing airport parking

Sometimes it can seem that finding the best parking spot is a difficult decision to make, it can in reality be very straightforward if you consider the right questions. Staying on site in an airport car park is always very convenient, some see it as a little too expensive, but when you factor in all of the costs and conveniences it is usually your best bet. For example, is a fantastic choice for anyone flying out of Newcastle. It is always good to assess each trip as it comes when you decide that type of parking you require. There are now a number of options available to travellers when they are looking for places to park their car. It is however important to note that not all factors can be the same on each trip you take. This means that you need think carefully about your decision.

Sydney International Airport

Factors that should help you make your decisions can be found in the answers to the following questions:

-How many days will you be away for?

– What is the cost of on-site parking as opposed to the off-site parking that is available?

-What time will be arriving back at the airport? If you are arriving late then on-site parking is usually the most convenient because it means you will be back in your car in the quickest possible time.

– If you choose off-site parking, how regularly do they offer their shuttle bus service?

– Do you have any vouchers or coupons that will get you a discount?

– Does the car park offer a reward programme? Perfect if you travel regularly.


As you can see, thereare many things to consider when choosing airport parking. You must now do your research and find the best parking for you and your car. Online you will find many sites that will help you to make an informed decision. If you consider the above questions carefully you will almost certainly make the right decision. One key point to also remember is to book a place for your car, if you book a parking space it means that you will avoid delays and rushing to get your flight. If you have made an informed decision before you travel about where you are going to park, then there is no reason not to book ahead of time.