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Japan Comes To The West


Japan is world renowned for its quality manufacturing and the quality of everything they produce from home wares to electronics. One of the greatest things that Japan has done for Westerners is to expand their distribution and stores outside of Japan, so that everyone can enjoy the beauty and quality of Japanese goods. Read on to find out a bit more about some Japanese retailers and where the sense of quality comes from.

Uniqlo is a clothing retailer that has become quite popular outside of Japan and this is for very good reason. Uniqlo offers quality clothing at an affordable price and it really is hard to beat in terms of the balance that it has found between the two.
The ethos of Uniqlo is quality basics that anybody and everybody can wear, and they also believe in the principles of shun and kino-bi. Shun refers to timing, they present themselves as having the appropriate and fashionable garments in a modern and updated form, that is neither too early or too late. Kino-bi means function and beauty, and this is a reference to the quality of the clothing and also its functionality. It could be said that the ethos sums up all the characteristics of modern Japanese culture that has become famous throughout the world.

Muji is another prominent Japanese retailer that has really begun to expand its offering to many other countries with many locations in Australia, Europe and much of Asia. Muji offers home wares, furniture and even clothing, they bring a range of goods that people can fit into their everyday lives.
Muji products like Japanese culture provide utilitarian products, which are at the same time are of high quality and look beautiful.

Japan could perhaps be described as the most elegant of all modern Asian cultures and has truly developed a culture of quality and function that few other countries in the world can match. This is a unique selling point for selling in the West and this is one of the reasons that they are becoming more and more successful outside of their own country.
Japanese people can be described as fanatics when it comes to things that they create and this has extended from things like kitchen knives all the way to stationery.

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