It’s time to head to Cuba

Cuba is one of the best places that you could possibly choose for a holiday. The effect that Cuba’s relationship with America has had means that the country has almost been frozen in time, this makes the place even more magical. A lot of people may think that Cuba is an expensive holiday option, but there are plenty of to take advantage of. So go out and find a great deal, when you are sat in Havana enjoying a cocktail will make it all worthwhile. If you are still undecided about whether or not to book your holiday then here are some great reasons why people choose to visit Cuba. It’s time to stop delaying and book that once in a life time trip to Cuba!

The locals

The people in Cuba are among some of the friendliest and warm people that you are ever likely to meet. You will meet so many fantastic people when you visit Cuba, there are plenty of street musicians, old women smoking away on large cigars and kids playing in the streets. It seems that the Cuban people are always happy, smiling and very welcoming to visitors.


You can in no way go to Cuba without smoking on one of the famous cigars. A day trip to a cuban cigar factory means that you will be able to see how the famous world class cigars are made, you will then get the option to buy some to bring home with you. I am sure that all of your friends will want to try one!


You will try the best Paella that you have ever eaten when you head over to Cuba, wash it down with a beautiful Mojito it doesn’t get any better. The food and drink in Cuba is delicious, so leave your diet at home and eat and drink as much as you possibly can.


I’m sure that you have heard something about the Buena Vista Social Club, it’s the world renowned cuban music group that was the focus of an award winning documentary. Music will be on every corner that you turn, from a man with a guitar, to a local band to a salsa bonanza, you will find it all in Cuba. If you like to dance then you will always find a place where you can dance the night away, you will be surprised how many street bars you walk past that have a number of people enjoying themselves and dancing to their hearts delight.