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How to cheaply plan a gap year abroad

Money will always continue to make the world go round; and anyone looking to take a gap year will certainly need plenty of it to help them literally go round the world.

Gap years have always been common with students looking to take a time out from their studies; yet are strongly becoming popular with people of all ages looking to escape the everyday rat race for a while. Yes they sound absolutely amazing, and everyone should perhaps take one; however one thing that is for sure, gap years do not come for free.

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From volunteering, to working overseas, or simply embarking on a round the world adventure; it all costs money, and lots of it. Of course for those of you living off the bank of mum and dad, money may not be an issue for your gap year; yet for thousands of others, it really is the main cog in the whole thought process.


If you are looking at taking a gap year, then you are going to have to get your finances seriously in check first. Every activity, every movement, every single day is going to cost you money – and it really does all start to add up in no time.

As daunting as it may all appear at first; there are many effective ways in which you can help finance your gap year without the terrifying zero bank balance fears.


A good step in the gap year financing step is securing a part-time job in the run up to your departure. Not only does this earn you vital extra money for your trip; it also means one extra hour working, is one extra hour you’re not spending any money. Before you know it, you have saved on your social outgoings, as well as earning extra pennies in the process. Bargain!


Another sneaky, yet easy finance enhancer is to simply let everyone know you’re taking a gap year. Birthdays and Christmas, even Easter are great money makers; especially if family and friends know you would prefer the cold hard cash, to the thoughtful gift they spent hours looking for. If this sounds like a harsh money grabbing method; then why not offer a list of items you may need to take with you on your gap year instead. This way, people have the option to buy items for you; instead of handing over cash.


During the run up to your gap year, you will have to take serious cut-backs if you want to save a decent amount of money to take with you. This can be done by cutting back on eating out, socialising and of course splashing out on those designer jeans you feel you just can’t live without. Simple changes in your everyday life can soon make the money start to add up.

Do you stop at Starbucks every morning on the way to college, university or work? It might not seem like much but £2.50 spent on a skinny latte every day, soon totals over £50 a month. Cut out the coffee hit and not only will your pocket be heavier; but your body will start to appreciate a caffeine break.


Gap years are meant to be fun, inspiring and a once in a life time experience. Don’t let the lack of funds ruin your moment. Plan ahead for your travelling – and reap the benefits later.

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