Hotels, Motels and Resorts: Enhancing Your Safety on Vacation  

Going on vacation can be a lot of fun, but it can also be dangerous. According to Terry Whaples, former director of the Nickelodeon Family Suites Hotel, hotels can be a prime target for crooks. That’s because they know people go on vacation to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. As such, they tend to lower their guard. Here’s how to protect yourself, and still enjoy the time off.


Choose Hotels With Second-Story Access


Second-story (or higher) access means that crooks can’t enter your hotel nearly as easily as if you had a floor-level room. If you choose second or third-story accommodations, you can still get down the fire ladder if you have to. At the same time, you shouldn’t worry too much about someone climbing up to break in through the window. Most crooks aren’t that determined.


The only exception is if you happen to be staying in a motel-suite where there is actually a walkway on the second or third floor.


Always Choose Well-Lit Parking Spots


This seems like common sense, but you’d be surprised by how many people don’t do this. Staying in well-lit areas will discourage most crooks, because crimes are often born out of opportunity. If you’re parking in well-lit areas, presumably other people can see you which is bad for the bad guys.


Carry Self-Defense Measures With You


Depending on where you’re vacationing, consider taking some defensive weapons with you. Seems a bit extreme? The bad guys don’t care about your personal safety and will do anything to get what they want from you – that’s extreme. Some mace, or even your car keys, can be used as defensive weapons. You don’t have to carry a pistol, but if you feel comfortable with one, consider getting a permit and taking it with you.


Choose Hotels With Surveillance


Some hotels and lodges, like Jackson Hole lodging, are fairly safe places to stay. They’re upscale, have attendants, and security that watches over the grounds. But not every hotel or motel chain has surveillance. While you might pay a little extra for the protection, it’s usually worth the cost.


Keep Photos Of Your Children With You


Always keep photos of your children on you. If you do happen to lose them, you’ll have something to show to the police to help you track them down. Sometimes, kids wonder off on their own – even when you’re in the hotel. They might go down to the front desk for something and get lost. Pictures can help the staff locate your little once that have gone MIA.


Dress Your Toddlers In Bright Clothes So that They’re Easy To Spot


Keep your children “brightly lit” with bright colors. They’ll stand out so that, even if they wander a few feet from you, they’ll stand out in a crowd. This is one of the best things you can do if you’re heading into a crowded city or some other busy area. Of course, you should always keep toddlers close to you – you should even consider getting a little toddler leash. That way there’s no way they can walk off or be kidnapped.


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