Holidays for the Boys: The Best Men Only Getaways


Turkey will offer a perfect destination for you and the boys. It is strikingly diverse; mixed cultures, ancient wonders and stunning coastline with beautiful sandy beaches. But this is not only what you expect from Turkey; it is the splendid world class .

For a fine holiday swing to the Antalya region of Turkey where action never really ends; the numerous leave you spoilt for choice. Try a game at the challenging Tat International Golf club.Its varying tees make this golf a challenge for all levels of golfers making it is perfect for you and your friends to put your metal to the test.

This course is set amidst stunning sceneries of mountains and spectacular sea views. After a challenging game you can share a cold drink at the spacious club house which features a terrace bar with fantastic views of the lush landscape.


Lounging on the sand somewhere in the Mediterranean is appealing to many but for others it is the snowy adventures found on the slopes that brings happiness to them. Pump up your adrenaline reserves and embark on a crazy vertical drop in Aspen Colorado where the rich and famous also find irresistible. It is famous for its steeps and four imposing mountains that are not linked.

Filled with steeps and bumps, this resort will give the adrenaline junkie the experience of a lifetime dropping of the steep slopes for experts or in the fantastic intermediate terrain. Have some group fun practicing on the well groomed intermediary before taking it up a notch on the more advanced trails.

Have some fun dropping in one of England’s most picturesque ski resorts in Stowe, Vermont. The main ski areas are . The resort is located conveniently near restaurants where you can enjoy hot meals and drinks after a long day crushing the ice.

If you’re looking for something a little closer to home then book one of the ski chalets in Courchevel and enjoy the slopes by day and the amazing hospitality by night.


India is an ideal destination for trekking.Its appealing and highly varied landscapes offer great terrain for a walking holiday. The breathtaking valleys and the Himalayas attract droves of tourists who wish for an adventurous holiday away from bustling cities.

Why not take on the . The region is bewitching with its natural beauty, rugged terrain and interesting flora and fauna. It is best to explore this area in a large group rather than solo.

The Western Ghats ranges of mountains are also a fantastic region with lush green surroundings that offer a varied scope of trekking terrains. As you head higher above, the land below you takes a different turn; you enjoy the pristine views of the land at an interesting angle.

The popular hill stations such as Munnar and Ooty offer other options of fantastic terrains where the gang can slow it down on the less challenging terrains and just marvel at the stunning landscape. The Munnar region is particularly special with its misty hills and lush green tea fields. You can stop off and enjoy a cup of tea to freshen up before you resume your discovery trip.


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