Great reasons to visit Mauritius

Mauritius is one of the best tourist designations on the planet, the luxury on offer there is simply mind blowing. There are a variety of top hotels to stay in, is one of the best hotels on offer. There are now regular flights flying direct to Mauritius from nearly every major airport in the world, so getting there isn’t a problem at all. With regular flights and fantastic accommodation on offer there really isn’t any reason not to go. If you still can’t make your mind up then here are several other reasons that I am sure will make your mind up for you.

The activities

If you like doing lots of activities then there is plenty for you to do when you are on holiday in Mauritius, there is something for everyone; diving and snorkelling, quad bikes, golf, hiking and even horse riding. If you don’t feel like such energetic days out then you can always pamper yourself, you will find some of the best spas on the planet here. So sit back and let yourself get pampered one day, feel like a princess and get ready for a great night out in one of the fabulous restaurants.

Family orientated

There is no issues with bringing the whole family to Mauritius, the fact that the flights are convenient and direct means that you don’t have to go through the difficult process of transferring half way through. The kids will be happy because they get to sit and watch movies before you hit your final destination. Mauritius is geared for kids, nearly all of the hotels have clubs for children and they also offer babysitting services so you can head out for an enjoyable evening. The kids will enjoy going on one of the submarines and also wandering through one of the safari parks.



If you are travelling with your partner you will love the romantic feeling that you get when you arrive in Mauritius. It is paradise on earth when you sit in one of the many romantic locations. If you get a private infinity pool in your room then you will experience the the most intimate place you have been. Many people have been known to propose to their partners here and it is also a top destination for honeymooners or those that are celebrating an anniversary. Couples love going to Mauritius and always talk about the unrivalled romantic feeling.