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Getting Ready to Move Abroad: A Few Hints and Tips

If you’re looking to move out of the UK in the near future, then there are a few things that you have to prepare for and think about before you begin the final stages of your departure. International removal companies such as John Mason International are a huge help in situations like this, read on for more tips 🙂

First of all, don’t worry, as although moving to another country is a HUGE step, if you prepare for just about every and any eventuality, you can begin to enjoy one of the biggest steps of your life:

Ensure that you have a job offer before you leave

Most of all, before doing anything else, it is important that you have a secure job offer on the table before you move to any country.

New Zealand for example, has strict visa guidelines, so having a job offer in a role that is in demand will greatly help your entry into the country for work.

You can find out if you have enough points for a visa .

Understand and plan your finances

If you are sure that you want to move abroad, then it is best to start planning your savings around six months in advance, as you will need to pay off any debts in the UK before you move. Doing this will reduce the risk of currency fluctuations that will cost you more money when you are away.

Though it is advised that you keep your current account, you must also ensure to tell your bank that you are leaving the country.

As for savings accounts, there will be a range of options available in your new country, though you can also get an array of international savings accounts that will conduct your banking in English, no matter where you are.

Also, be sure to check out your personal tax calc status in your chosen country before you leave, as you could very well end up paying tax in both countries for a short period of time.

The UK does has double tax agreements with some countries, so before commencing.

Ensure that you know just what to take

For those that plan on taking their household possessions with them, it is important to research , who can help guide people along the whole process.

When you begin packing, it is also important to realise that you are going to be without your possessions for up to three to four weeks depending on where you move to.

Knowing exactly which items to take with you is therefore imperative. You can work out what is important quite easily, though it is also worth asking what would be cheaper to send over and what would be cheaper to replace once that you get to your destination.

Also, if you happen to be moving to New Zealand or Australia, it is paramount that you are aware of what restrictions there are on certain items entering the country. If you happen to neglect these laws, you can end up being fined  and or being charged for the disposal of the items.

  • for border information on Australia
  • for border information on New Zealand


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