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Getting ready for a family move

Moving is hard enough when you only have yourself to consider, but when you have a family who also has to be rallied to the cause, things become exponentially more complex. It is possible to have a stress-free move with a family in tow, however, if you follow a few easy steps. When it comes to moving déménagement montréal families can ease the stress for their children by making the process an adventure.

Make a wish list together

One of the best things to do when you are planning a family move is to give your children the sense that they, too, are part of the process. One way to do that is to create a wish list. What kinds of things does each family member want from the new house? Perhaps your kids have been sharing a room. Would they like to have separate rooms? Perhaps you want a bigger yard or an en suite bathroom. Whatever each person wants put it on the list. Then look for a house that meets as many of those needs as possible. Make sure, however, that everyone knows that there may have to be some compromises. A wish list is not a “must have” list.

Bring the kids on the hunt

It can be tempting to leave the kids with Grandma and Grandpa during your house-hunting outings, but you should try to include them in the process. A good strategy is to narrow down your choices to a few contenders and then bring the kids out to visit the finalists you are considering. Or, if it’s more practical, sit down with your kids and show them the online listings for a few houses you are considering.

Give them a say in the decorating

Let your kids know that once you move in, they’ll have a say in the process of decorating their own rooms. Bring home (pre-approved) paint samples and allow them to choose the colour they want. Boosting the anticipation of a new bedroom and giving them some say in their space will ease the transition and give kids something to look forward to.

Get them involved in the packing

No, we aren’t suggesting that you put your child in charge of packing up your china dishes! Instead, give them a special box and let them decorate it with stickers, drawings, etc. Let them pack the box with special trinkets and items that are special to them, whatever that might be. Don’t curate the collection. Let them be in charge. It’s only one box. Allow them to carry the box into the car so they can keep their treasures close.

Throw a moving party!

One of the biggest stresses children feel about moving is the sadness about leaving their friends behind. Instead of making moving a sad affair, make it a party! Invite all of the child’s friends over and have a going-away party. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Chips and sandwiches will do the trick just nicely! Don’t forget to print out some “stay in touch” cards with your new address, phone number and email address on them so that the kids can be assured that they will stay in touch with their friends even after their address changes.