From Neverending Voyage's post: Simmered tofu with amber sauce
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Gen Y Travel Blog Carnival: 13th Edition

It’s that time again! If you’re new to this, the Gen Y Travel Blog carnival celebrates the best content from travel blogs in the past month. Here are the best entries from the month of September!

How does it work? Travel bloggers submit their favorite post they wrote in that month. I go through and weed out spam, irrelevant, or poorly-written entries and then present this list of the best. Here are the guidelines. Travel bloggers, submit your post for October here by the end of the month.

Here we go!

  • From Neverending Voyage's post: Simmered tofu with amber sauce
    From Neverending Voyage’s post: Simmered tofu with amber sauce

    Jetsetting Lust explores Ellis Island for the first time, a New York landmark where both sides of her family arrived in America many generations ago.

  • Trailer Hitched discusses why they chose to keep their plans to travel to the East Coast despite the devastation of Hurricane Irene.
  • Time Travel Turtle recounts an interesting trip to North Korea, a mysterious country that restricts where tourists can go and how much authenticity they can see.
  • Neverending Voyage learns how to cook Zen Buddhist cuisine in Japan, giving them the chance to learn how to make authentic vegetarian Japanese food.
  • Back Roads & Backpacks offers excellent tips for traveling vegetarians. You don’t have to live off of French fries!
  • I never knew you could get a massage by a prisoner in Thailand. Where’s My Toothbrush? tells readers about her unique experience visiting a prison in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where female inmates are taught skills that will help them once they are released.
  • Wanderlust Wonder makes me hungry with a post about her culinary tour of local food in San Francisco.
  • From Cheryl Howard's post: The town of Riomaggiore
    From Cheryl Howard’s post: The town of Riomaggiore

    Cheryl Howard shares her lovely time strolling along the romantic walkways that connect the cliff-top towns of Cinque Terre in Italy, with plenty of gorgeous photos to show it.

  • Beth from The Vacation Gals is becoming a flight attendant again and discusses what it’s like to be back in the skies and how things have changed.
  • Byteful Travel explains how using Yelp allowed him to travel efficiently on his first trip to Toronto. I can vouch for that–most of our meals in our recent trip to Seattle and Vancouver were Yelp finds!
  • Correr Es Mi Destino feels the end of summer as she explores the coast of the Georgian Bay and its small townships, which are now eerily quiet.
  • Abyssinia, Henry writes an interesting steam-of-conscious piece about leaving Leipzig.
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