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Gen Y Travel Blog Carnival: 12th Edition

I apologize that this is a month late! I went on my delayed honeymoon last month to Seattle and Vancouver, and while several bloggers have wanted to host in the past, I wasn’t able to find anyone to host while I was away. I decided to just combine the entries from the past two months and turn it into one whopper of a carnival so that all of those entries weren’t in vain.

For those of you who are new, the Gen Y Travel Blog carnival usually only includes posts published in the previous month (for example, the carnival that is posted at the beginning of July is a collection of posts written in June). Travel bloggers submit their favorite post they wrote in that month. I go through and weed out spam, irrelevant, or poorly-written entries and then present this list of the best. Here are the guidelines. Travel bloggers, submit your post for September here at the end of the month.

I usually only accept one entry per person, but since I missed the last one, I’m accepting one from each entry period. These are in no particular order. Without further ado, here’s a collection of some of the best travel blog posts published in July and August!

  • Canopy walk in Montana by
    Canopy walk in Montana by

    Nod ‘n’ Smile writes about her unusual stay in Free Spirit Spheres in a rainforest on Vancouver Island. In her entry for the prior month, she spotlights the country of Peru and shares some of the best things to see and do.

  • Light Sensation shares his experience traveling to Batu Karas, a small village in Java, Indonesia.
  • Nico at AirTreks explains why traveling the world really isn’t anymore difficult than traveling to Disneyland.
  • Ruth in Asia shares some of the local customs she has picked up from her travels, and wonders whether they are temporary while she’s there or if they will stick with her once she leaves.
  • Correr es Mi Destino discusses her fourth trip to Niagara falls and contrasts the tackiness of the main strip to the beauty of the falls. In a second post, she recalls a recent trip to Toronto that reminded her why it’s a city that’s always fun to revisit.
  • The brave Camels & Chocolate shares stories and photos of her walk in the canopy followed by a six-run zipline at Montana’s Whitefish Mountain Resort. In her entry from the prior month, she presents a post about her anniversary stay at the stunning Sorrel River Ranch in Utah.
  • Jaemin Yi recounts getting mugged in Colombia and lists his mistakes that led up to it happening.
  • Plus Ultra makes me very hungry with this tale of eating dim sum in Hong Kong, in addition to many beautiful photos of dumplings.
  • Nicole Elena Robertson shows gorgeous photos of some of the interesting patterns she came acrossin Topkapi Place in Istanbul, Turkey.

    Shooting clay pigeons by
    Shooting clay pigeons by
  • The Orange Mango lists 10 reasons why you need to travel to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in your lifetime.
  • Cheryl Howard reveals a taboo confession: she ate horse meat in Milan, Italy.
  • Never Ending Voyage explains the DOs and DON’Ts of planning a visit to Japan.
  • Far Out of Office accidentally overstayed their Bolivian visa and shares the ensuing chaos and how you can prevent it.
  • Beth from The Vacation Gals writes about her first experience shooting clay pigeons when on a trip to Montana.
  • Byteful Travel presents an interview with Irv Thomas, an 84-year-old seasoned hitchhiker and traveler. In the prior month, he shares what he found on his adventure to the Googleplex in Silicon Valley.
  • Zhouzhuang’s Quanfu Temple by

    I would go living in lights discusses the culture of Istanbul, Turkey and what dating there is like.

  • Baby Siena Wines describes a recent wine tasting experience in Mendoza’s wine country in Argentina.
  • In a post that I accidentally missed last time, China Travel Go shares his experience visiting the classic gardens of Suzhou.
  • This is not technically a travel blog, but it’s travel-related and fun for upcoming Halloween. Haunting America lists 15 of the creepiest haunted hotels in the United States.

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