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Gen Y Travel Blog Carnival: 10th Edition

A little late, but better than never, here is the 10th edition of the Gen Y Travel Blog Carnival! This monthly carnival highlights some of the best travel blog posts written in the month of May (with the exception of one from April). Enjoy!

If you’re a travel blogger, be sure to submit your favorite post you write in June by June 30 to be considered for next month’s carnival.

  • Through words and beautiful photos, Go See Write shares his experience exploring ancient Roman ruins in the city of Jerash in Jordan.
  • Dumplings in China
    Delicious dumplings in China, by ALittleAdrift.com

    A Little Adrift discusses what it’s like traveling in China as a vegetarian, lists tips on how to survive there if you are one, and shows pictures that are seriously making my mouth water (such as the one to the right)!

  • Correr Es Mi Destino reveals how the glamorous image of America flew out the window when she began learning about the realities of our healthcare system, incarceration rate, and life in a small town.
  • Quiet Wanderings discusses the challenges and joys of walking the Camino de Santiago, a long ancient pilgrimage trail in Northern Spain.
  • International Woman advises travelers on what to do in South Beach, Miami–what she calls a great place for couples to have fun, spend money, get drunk and shop!
    Salamanca, Spain
    Salamanca, Spain, by NotesPlusUltra.wordpress.com

  • Neverending Voyage explains why they love housesitting as a way to travel slowly and how you can do it, too.
  • Plus Ultra presents a gorgeous photo essay of the arrival of spring in the picturesque university city of Salamanca, Spain.
  • Byteful Travel recounts a road trip in California’s Big Sur region and showcases photos of the various cliffs, tide pools, and other stunning things he saw along the way.
  • The Travel Chica discusses a graffiti biking tour she took in Buenos Aires and how it allowed her to learn so much about local art, culture, and history. She also includes fun and colorful photos of some of the graffiti she saw.
  • Jaemin Yi offers funny advice on how to get by when you’re in a country whose language you don’t speak, in addition to things he learned from his personal experiences with this.
  • The Ocean Escape gets pumped up about an exhibit at Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History about modern maritime commerce because it includes a section on cruising for fun.
  • Cheap Hotel Chains Travel Blog lists some of the best festivals taking place in Great Britain this summer.
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