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Fashion trends for young adults  

When it comes to fashion trends, it is all about knowing what is going to be in-style and on-trend six months from now. When you are a student with limited means and an eagerness to dress well without spending a lot, it pays to understand not only what the latest trends are but how you can utilize them to the best effect without breaking the bank.


Fall/winter 2014 trends


Orange may not seem like a color to embrace, but orange shades are definitely a trend for the fall. You could add an orange silky scarf to liven up a neutral sweater or, if you have a more daring streak, try a full-out orange dress or even an orange jacket or bag.


Western styles are very much in demand now, and the forecasters predict that you can keep wearing your patched denim and cowboy hats into the fall. A good pair of western-style boots are a great addition to your fall/winter wardrobe; you don’t want to go too cheap here, but many discount shoe stores and websites have options that can fit into a tight budget with a bit of a push.


Cold weather and knits always go hand in hand, and this year your much-loved pieces have actually been given trend status. Knits are simple and flattering to most figures. When you find a piece in a style you like, buy several of them and don’t forget to check out flea markets, yard sales and second-hand stores; you can find a variety of pieces that will be on-trend this fall simply because they are knitwear.


Gray may seem like it would be a drab choice, but actually the color is very flexible and looks great on just about anyone. You could add a gray bag, shoes or other accessory, or go full-on monochromatic gray and explore the many colors, patterns and shades available, mixing and matching.


Punk fashion has become a popular trend and will continue to prevail into the fall. Edgy leather boots, vintage T-shirts and metal jewelry are all ways you could add a little punk to your look. Check out the vintage stores and flea markets, where some of these pieces may be found at discounts and with some actual history behind them as well.


Nothing quite says, “fall” like a plaid shirt, and plaid is going to continue to be on-trend this fall. Plaid may be worked into your wardrobe in a variety of ways: a tailored skirt or stylish bag, a well-washed flannel shirt or a warm plaid scarf will bring this look into your closet easily and cheaply.


Even if you’ve never worn pajamas to class before, you may want to start now. “Boudoir dressing”, as it’s called, has been trending for a while. Satiny pajamas and lace-trimmed slips are some of the pieces you can pull from this trend; you can easily find pieces in and incorporate them into your wardrobe.


Dressing on-trend for less


Even on a limited student-size budget, it is completely possible to dress on-trend and look high-end. Many of the latest fall/winter trends use vintage pieces, creative design and unique colors to make a great first, and lasting, impression.

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