Dream Holidays

Going on holiday soon, but can’t choose a destination? Perhaps you are sick of the same old holidays routines, package deals, resorts etc? If this is the case, read on – you may find some ideas for that “different” holiday you’ve been thinking of.


A lot of holiday makers choose to go down the package route when it comes to making holiday plans, simply because they feel that this is an easier option to go with. Also, there is the assumption that this is a cheaper route to go down. However, with a bit of research, you may be surprised to find that it can also be quite affordable to have a holiday, the way you want it – on your own terms!

The majority of people, after choosing a destination, will then look at accommodation options. First port of call is usually to a travel site that will allow previous travellers to rate their experience of that place.  Usually, the focus will be on hotels, and occasionally Bed & Breakfasts. These are all well and good, if you wanted to go down the “usual holiday route” However, what may come as a surprise is luxury beachfront villa rentals  are very affordable.

A beach front villa will allow you to have your holiday, on your terms. You can come and go as you please. Eat breakfast at a time that suits you. Enjoy a cool drink on your veranda facing the sea, sun bathe along your deck, uninterrupted. This is all possible if you choose to rent a beach front villa instead of a hotel.

Regardless of where you choose to have your dream holiday, be it Italy, France, U.S.A, or maybe somewhere you may not have thought of, such as Argentina, Morocco or Thailand, a beach front villa is a great alternative to staying at a hotel. It is something that you will remember forever, unlike your stay in a hotel. You will experience the tranquillity that you desire to ensure you have the most relaxing holiday experience possible – no more loud guests in the surrounding rooms!

For a holiday maker looking to splash out, and add a touch of luxury, there are even beach front villas available to rent, that have a concierge service available in the price. Imagine, your own concierge, who can help plan the day’s events, and make the necessary arrangements for you – hassle free!

Beach front villas were once for the elite – a subscription was required to be able to rent one – this is no longer the case. Beach front villas are now for everybody!

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