Discover a new place with the new World Around Me app

I travel a lot, so for me having an app that allows me to access key information about the things I need in a new place is essential. When you are visiting a new part of your home country or visiting a new country then you will always need something to hand that will allow you to navigate your way around with ease. Of course there are other map apps out there, but nothing beats World Around Me’s augmented reality layer. The augmented reality layer allows to you to see where things are in relation to your current location. Let’s face it, a map is just a piece of paper if you have no idea where you are starting from, the app has all of the features you need to access all of the essential information that you require when you are on the move. World Around Me can be used whether you are home or overseas, with all of the features that have been included it is amazing that this app is one of the easiest apps out there to use.

The first thing you need to do is head on over to so that you can read more about the app and also download it. There are a number of great things to say about this app, here is a list of the major pros:

– The app has used augmented technology as good as any before it.

– There is a superb variety of categories that allows you to search for things such as ‘bars & pubs’ or ‘restaurants’

– You don’t only have to search for particular categories, you can also search for anything you like. For example you can type in ‘Italian restaurant’ and you will get a list of results.

– The search results are very detailed, you will be given information such about places like addresses, phone numbers, reviews and ratings.

World Around Me offers all of us travellers, tourists or those that like to stay at home everything that we are looking for when discovering a new place. It is the best thing that you can get on your smartphone, if you would like an app that has everything you need then you really shouldn’t look any further. Finally there is an app that will have all of the information you need at your fingertips, this app is supported all over the globe. I have downloaded it and am absolutely loving it, when I need information about things I want to see in a new place then I’m going straight on to World Around Me!