Cooling Pillows and Sleep Sounds: Top Tech for Sound Sleeping Everywhere You Go

Getting a good night’s sleep while you travel can be a frustrating endeavor. Maybe you can’t sleep well in a different bed, or maybe the sounds are a little too different for you to be able to fall asleep peacefully. Luckily for you, there are ways to fix this problem.


Whatever the reason you can’t sleep, there are technologies that can help you find a peaceful rest no matter where your travels may take you. There are apps as well, designed to make falling asleep and waking up easier than ever. Here are a few of those technologies that you can look into before your next trip.


Alarm Clock for Me App


When you travel, you need a good alarm clock that wakes you up whenever you need to be woken up, but that’s not all this alarm clock app for Android smartphones does. It can also help you fall asleep.


Laying down in an unfamiliar room can be a little stressful for many people: there’s a different smell, different sounds and a bed that’s not broken into the way you like it. This alarm clock app can help you relax by playing songs from the playlists on your smartphone. You can set a time so that you can fall asleep to the music of your choice but won’t be woken up by it still playing in the middle of the night.


The app turns your phone into a good-looking bedside clock, so you can easily check the time or adjust the settings without fumbling for it in the dark. And best of all it’s free to download.


A Cooling Pillow


Maybe you just can’t get comfortable in a different bed. Finding a cooling pillow that you like can help alleviate that problem, no matter where you sleep.


As you lay on a pillow, the heat from your head gets absorbed into the pillow, heating up the materials and making it uncomfortable to lay on. Cooling pillows work by allow air to flow freely through them, so the heat from your head doesn’t get trapped. This provides a pleasant sensation that may be just enough to help you fall asleep in a new bed.


Cooling pillows are made with all different kinds of material, so shop around to find one that suits you best.


Blue Light Glasses


The electronic devices we use every day — and find it hard to put down, even before bed — release an energetic “blue light” that may interfere with your ability to fall asleep. Buy a pair of blue light blocking glasses may help combat this problem.


If you just can’t bring yourself to put your tablet or laptop down in bed, blue light glasses can help block. There are tons of different styles and prices, so you should have no problem finding a pair that matches your fashion.


If you have trouble sleeping in new places, try one of these items and see if it helps.

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