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Cities That I Love Visiting In India


I would tell anyone to embark on a tour of India, it is one of the most enriching places on the entire earth that is just filled with some wonderful cities that I will never forget and will visit again at some point in the future. Here is my short guide to some of the cities that I absolutely loved on my travels in India.
New Dehli

This city is the perfect mixture of chaos and calm, cows even wander the streets! My personal favourite place to visit is the Red Fort, which was built in the 17th century and was the home to the Mughal emperor. The huge mass of turrets and domes, and the striking red colour of the fort make it a stunning sight to see against the blue sky. Chandni Chowk is one of the oldest and busiest markets in the old town of New Dehli, you can buy just about anything there and it is always a great experience to haggle with the locals. The India Gate is also one of my personal favourites and it is a national monument of India that is dedicated to the soldiers that lost their lives during the first World War.

The Pink City, as it is known, is very famous for the wide streets and the pink buildings that line these streets. I personally enjoyed visiting the City Palace, which is a huge complex of palaces and other buildings. I think that you need at least a few days here to spend exploring all the buildings. The bazaars of Jaipur are also very well known for their quality wares and like New Dehli, it is always fun to visit and haggle for some really great souvenirs.

This wonderful place sits along the Arabian Sea in western India and has a long history as a Portuguese colony, which has been well preserved with its 16th century churches and tropical spice plantations. Goa of course has a nice variety of nice beaches, I liked Baga, which is a larger beach, but Agonda is also a smaller and more relaxed place that is good for chilling out. There really is nothing better than eating a beautiful Indian curry and drinking a beer by the beach. Goa is one of my absolute favourite cities in all of India, without a doubt.

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