Checklist for a Long Exhausting road trip!

Exhausted by your monotonous routine job? Want to let off some steam by going on a road trip?

Taking a road trip might be one of the best ways to break the vicious cycle of monotony. But before you embark on a journey you have planned and re-planned several times in your head, take out some time to check out the following things in order to make your journey hassle free and the experience of a lifetime.

Maiden Voyage

–    The most important component of your journey is undoubtedly your vehicle which you can choose from car rental companies like Thrifty based on who’s accompanying you, total distance you plan to cover, and the terrain of your route.

–    Needless to say, pay special attention to make sure the engine is in excellent condition because nothing is more disappointing than finding yourself on the road with your car broken down especially when it’s difficult to get help.

–    Also, checking the oil, coolant, brake fluid levels in advance will ensure that you are free to focus on the memorable sights and experiences you come across rather than being in a garage getting the car repaired.

–    If the tires are worn out, it is best to replace them before you begin your trip. In any case keeping a spare can prove to be a lifesaver.

–    Ensure that the glasses and windows are clean. You wouldn’t want witnessing that perfect sunset through soiled windows.

–     If you don’t want to stop at every nook and corner asking for directions, go for a portable GPS system which will also aid you in locating nearby restaurants and gas stations.

Be Prepared for Emergencies: Despite your best planning and contingency plans it is always advisable to have an emergency kit consisting of all the tools and items you might need in case of a breakdown or untoward incident. It’s best to keep a first-aid kit, and a flashlight at least. 

Pack what you must: You do not want to be weighed down by humongous luggage that restrains you. Pack light and keep the things you constantly need in a side bag.

Kids on Board: If driving with kids, make sure you have ready to eat snacks, water, video games, and music to keep them occupied. 

Make a Checklist: Having a checklist of all items you plan to take with you, reduces your effort in tracking them before and throughout the journey. Also, it helps you remove the excess baggage and duplicate items. 

Must Haves: Enough potable water, non-perishable food and snacks, mobile and laptop chargers, and car insurance/registration etc.

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