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Cheap Photography in London through Discount Coupons

While it is the twenty something age group that wants to extract the maximum enjoyment from life, costs can be a constraint too. Take travel for instance. It is expensive but thanks to online blogs you can find cheaper ways to travel to distant places and for the 20+ crowd, this is a godsend. That applies to other areas of life as well. For instance you may want to give yourself over followed by a photo shoot. Professional photo studios are expensive but with some effort you can surely find one that will give professional results at a low cost. 

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If you are looking for a photo shoot London cheap studios may not be the answer. A better option is to seek professional photo studios offering makeover and photoshoot but at reduced prices. Sapphire Studios in London do this for just £45. Bliss Studios is another place that does all of this at only £20. For only £25 the same studio gives you a mini facial, mini manicure, make up, hair styling plus a photoshoot. The New ID Studios is somewhat more expensive offering haircut and mounted photos for £49. A really deluxe makeover photoshoot with haircut and handmade black frame at Gap Photography costs £89. Why not head for the Citi Studio, London, if you want professional make up, hair styling and photoshoot at only £25? Each has his unique style of capturing images and you may want to try Pierre Lemond Photography offering boudoir photo shoot and hair styling along with re-touched images at only £39. Pynk of London gives a total fashion makeover, head massage, hair styling by a professional and image consultation with costume changes for only £59, ideal if you are compiling a portfolio. Focal Point Studios, on the other hand, does the basic hair styling and fashion shoot for only £25. You may also want to try Vanity Studios, Elite Studios, Shine Boudoir and Bliss Studios offering nearly the same services in the same price range. Angel Studios have a special offer for mother and daughter photoshoot with drinks and champagne at only 16, totally unbelievable but that is the world of discounted photoshoots for you.


Photo enthusiasts can learn photography from professionals at reduced rates. All Photo in London gives you the basics in digital photography for £39 as does the 55 Studios. Learn photography in a day in a four hour crash course at £29 at Xccentric Photography. Richard Allen Photography is where beginners are taught the basics at £35. A more intensive DSLR photography course is available from Prestidious Academy Class at only £49. If a three or four hour course is too short, you can attend a full day workshop at Dizzyfinch Studios for only £99. Go walkabout in London and learn street photography with the London Night Lights Walking Photography Class From Onevision Studio at only £29.


These and many photography lessons free online are yours for the asking when you register with an online discount voucher website, purchase coupons and redeem them for your favorite activity.


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