Cheap eats in Barcelona

Barcelona is a wonderful place for a weekend break, or a week-long holiday, whether you’ve got oodles of cash to splash or are on something of a shoestring budget. That’s one of the best things about the Spanish city – it really does cater for everyone.

We’re going to have a look at Barcelona’s culinary offerings in this post – and more specifically where you can go for brilliant food at affordable prices. If you are on a tight budget, take the time to search for great deals on accommodation – you’ll find some examples here.


Bacoa is something of a Barcelona favourite, with this burger restaurant now boasting two outlets in the city. Its original site is named ‘Little Bacoa’, as it’s considerably smaller than its newer counterpart, just called ‘Bacoa’.

Owner Brad Ainsworth focuses on using locally-produced ingredients that vary according to the season. They only use Spanish meat in their burgers and source all their vegetables from local farms. It’s developed a strong reputation for offering excellent burgers at very reasonable prices, while providing a laidback atmosphere in which to enjoy your food – definitely worth a visit.

You’ll find Little Bacoa on Colomines 2, while Bacoa is located at Ronda de la Universitat 31.


For a taste of traditional Catalan and Galician fare, head to Envalira in the Gracia district of Barcelona. This restaurant is bright, simple and offers outstanding food and service. It’s well known for its flavoursome homemade meals, with a focus on rice dishes and seafood – monkfish stew, rice with chicken, pork and a light cheese gratin, and rice with squid ink are the kinds of things you’ll find on the menu here.

This restaurant is located on Placa del Sol – don’t be fooled by its diminutive external appearance, it really is top quality and very reasonably priced.


Himali is something a little different – a fantastic Nepalese restaurant. It’s run by a native Nepalese man, who has brought a taste of the Himalayas to the Gracia district of Barcelona. There is a wide variety of typical Nepalese dishes on the menu, such as thali dalbaht (a delicious lentil-based dish), momo dumplings and khasi masala tarkari (a spicy lamb main).

All the meals here are served with rice and naan bread, and you can get a very tasty dinner here without breaking the bank. Head to Carrer de Milia i Fontanals to try these unusual and delicious offerings.

Cat Bar

Cat Bar offers a fantastic blend of food and drink – the restaurant serves up exclusively vegetarian food and its bar boasts an outstanding selection of Catalan craft beers. It also has several vegan and wheat-free dishes on its menu, including a selection of delicious burgers.

As well as its tasty food, Cat Bar has a lively atmosphere in the evenings, with a piano located in the venue where any musicians are welcome to play, while the owners also organise live music performances on certain evenings of the week.

If this sounds like your kind of place, make a beeline for Boria 17, grab a table and choose your beer and food.

These are just a few of Barcelona’s top budget eateries – there are many more that you can discover dotted all over the city. Make sure you also check out a tapas bar for that quintessentially Spanish dining experience.