See Something You Haven&;t Seen Before: Go Cruising!

While flying to distant lands may indeed prove one of the most popular forms of travel, a greater number of British and Europeans are choosing to travel by cruise ship. Not only is a cruise fun and luxurious, but it will allow travellers to experience the sights and experiences that Europe has to offer from […]

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Cruises are not just for the elderly

While it is difficult to understand why, some people still have the perception that cruising is only for the elderly. Perhaps many years ago that was indeed the case, but with the wide selection of amenities, entertainment and destinations offered by modern cruise lines this is certainly no longer true. It’s fairly safe to say […]


4 Useful Online Resources for Planning a Cruise Holiday

Organising the perfect cruising holiday takes some careful planning and preparation to ensure that you truly have soft tabs the experience of a lifetime. Thanks to the proliferation of the internet, there is now a veritable wealth of resources that travellers can tap into to help them while they’re getting ready to go on a […]


Top 5 Budget Airlines

One of the biggest concerns of anyone buying an international plane ticket to start their maiden voyage is just how expensive they have come to be. With competition being choked out by massive mergers, bankruptcies causing airlines to get nervous and ratchet up their profit margins, and a lagging economy all around, it’s more important […]


Travelling Slow – The Best Cruises in the World!

Are you looking for the ultimate travel experience where you can visit multiple destinations, pack and unpack once, enjoy culinary delights that tantalise the palate, treat yourself to a relaxing massage and be entertained with colourful shows and many genres of music? You don’t have to look any further than jumping aboard a megaship and […]

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Keep Entertained Whilst on Long Journeys

We all know that traveling brings great adventures and mind-broadening experiences, but it involves a good deal of time spent in transit, which if you’re not prepared for can seem very long indeed! Here are some tips for keeping entertained while heading to your next awesome destination:     Travel with a Friend Solo travel […]