Casino Vacations in Mississippi

When you think of going abroad on a casino vacation, straight away you picture Las Vegas, Reno or Monte Carlo. One place you may never consider however, is Mississippi.

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It is true, Mississippi will never likely be top of your list when you imagine a casino vacation location, but it should be on your radar, for many reasons.

Casinos in Mississippi have everything that you would expect to find in other casino locations. Entertainment shows are run in casinos, the same as you would find in any of the big name casinos you would find in Las Vegas. The same goes for food emporiums, Casino resorts and all around options when it comes to casino games.

If you would prefer to stay in a hotel that is not affiliated with, or attached to a casino, there are plenty of affordable options available to you. Many tourists prefer to stay in a hotel that does not have casino facilities, so that they would not be tempted to stay even longer in the casino. When your room is just a short distance away, one more game seems like a good idea every time!

If you are bringing your family, casinos are generally considered an adult past time. However, some casinos do provide a family friendly service, and put on entertainment shows etc. Of course, there are plenty of activities for your family to take part in outside of the casino environment, such as hunting, fishing, jet skiing, or something more relaxing like visiting a museum or doing a little shopping.

As Mississippi does not have the reputation that the likes of Vegas and Monte Carlo have, as a casino haven, you will not be faced with the throngs of people that you often see in the well known big name casinos in these cities. No massive queues to play all of your favourite games. This is not to say that the casinos will be barren, just easier to navigate, and shorter (or no) waiting times to endure. For this reason alone, Mississippi is a great alternative to Las Vegas or some of the other more well known destinations.

Another thing you will find similar to some of the better known casino cities is climate. The Mississippi climate is sub tropical, and can reach temperatures of up to 35 degrees celsius in the summer. So this makes it an ideal location for lovers of the sun, who like to also have a gamble.

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