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Camelbak hydration packs – essential for the outdoors

An increasing number of athletes and people who enjoy outdoor activities are ditching the traditional water bottles and choosing to with to hydration packs. In my opinion the best hydration packs on offer are Camelbak, you can find lots of these on the Milletsports website now. I picked up one a couple of weeks ago and really could not be happier, I certainly won’t be going back to the old water bottle!


Due to the fact that technology keeps on advancing by leaps and bounds means that hydration packs are constantly getting better – the best news is that the price keeps improving as well! The best deals can be found with milletsports, those guys really know how to offer a wide range of choice combined with great discounts!

It goes without saying that everyone from athletes to hikers need to drink water and keep hydrated whilst exercising. So why choose a hydration pack?

There are two main reasons to choose a Camelbak hydration pack over a water bottle:

Firstly, hydration packs are much more convenient and easier to use that water bottles, this is because the water is kept in a container that is carried on the back and drank through a drinking tube. This means that you won’t have to stop when you need to rehydrate, all you have to do is pop the tube in your mouth and sip the water. Water bottles really do come in second because they can be difficult to access when you’re on the move and can not be carried as easily.

Secondly, those that use hydration packs now have testified how they drink much more water in comparison to when they used water bottles. This means that with a hydration pack your are much less limey to get dehydrated which will allow you to achieve maximum performance.

The activities that will benefit most from a Camelbak hydration pack are; backpacking, climbing, hiking, fitness walking, racing, trail running, road cycling, recreational cycling, touring cycling, mountain biking, skiing and snow boarding.

Camelbak is one of the most highly recommended brand on the market and it is for very good reason! So waste no time and get over to the milletsports website right away to get a great deal, I promise that you will feel the positive effects the next time you’re out in the great outdoors!