Big 5 Game Viewing

I recently embarked on a seven-day game-viewing safari to Africa, which was arranged for me by the experienced consultants at African Safari Home, a leading Africa destination planner.

I had always wanted to visit Africa, starting as a child when I visited the local zoo, I thought it would be splendid to see these majestic animals in their natural environment.

With that in mind I set off to start planning my trip and was pleased to find the services of an experienced safari guide to help find the perfect location for my needs, this turned out to be the Kruger National Park in South Africa.


Upon arriving in Jhb, South Africa I was met by my local agent who provided transport to the hotel before embarking the following day on a short overland trip to the Kruger Park.

If you have never been on a safari the Big 5 game I so badly wanted to see are Lion, Elephant, African Buffalo, Leopard and Cheetah. Game drives at the lodge I stayed at leave early in the morning before sunrise. Pack an extra few layers because for optimal game viewing the best time to go is Winter when the vegetation growth is not too dense and the animals roam more freely, unlike in the heat of summer when they tend to lie around a little more.

On my first game drive whilst still trying to catch my breath from the cold morning air I was quickly given a natural burst of heat when my heart starting pounding at the site of a herd of Elephants. The sheer size of these animals up close in the wild left me feeling exhilarated. What a way to start the morning!


The first game drive lasted roughly 4 hours and we saw nearly all of the big 5, everything except the elusive Leopard, which is a notoriously shy creature. Each day two game drives are scheduled and by the 3rd day of my trip I had struck gold, a Leopard with a kill in one tree – a small Springbok – and her baby cubs in another tree!

Fulfilling a childhood dream and visiting Africa for me was the vacation of a lifetime, one I would recommend to any animal lover. For more information on this amazing location visit African Safari Home and contact one of their experienced consultants to get started on your adventure.

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