The Best Ways To Meet People On Your Travels


Some people find it very difficult to find a travel buddy, especially if you are traveling on your own, but the reality is that it isn’t so difficult and I wanted to let you in on some of my tips for meeting people. Trust me it is possible when you are traveling alone and here is how.

Stay in hostels

This is probably the easiest way to make friends, especially when you are forced to talk to others around you. There is a real sense of community and people are often open and looking to meet new people too (just like you). I have definitely made some friends for life in many hostels around the world and the concept never gets old for me.

Get online

Getting online is one surefire way to meet new people, especially with the huge number of apps and sites designed to help people meet. Take advantage of this and have a great time with new people. Don’t be ashamed, everybody is doing it these days.

Talk to people along the way

When you are on a long journey you absolutely need to talk to people to make the time go a bit faster. I highly recommend talking to somebody and ask them where they are going and what they are doing. It is always a very interesting experience and nice to get a different perspective. Suddenly your 30 hour journey across the world feels like 3 hours and you have a new friend, how good is that!

Organise further

One thing that I noticed about meeting people on the road is that you need to organise further, which opens up a whole other world of possibilities to meet people. For example, if you meet someone and see that your schedules align at some point in the future you can meet up again. The person may also be meeting other people, so the possibilities are endless. Remember the old adage that if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Get out and about

Getting out and doing things is one of the best ways to meet people whilst traveling and just in general. There is a very low likelihood of meeting lifelong friends in a private room that you stay in all day. Long travel can be hard, but you can absolutely get out and experience everything you can. Trust me, new friends will follow with your positive and go getting attitude.

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