Best Denver Restaurants for Every Taste

There’s a lot that goes into making a great restaurant. Restaurant founders must plan every detail from start to finish to open a successful restaurant. From the food and atmosphere to the bathrooms and restaurant menu covers, every detail is important to a restaurant owner. The restaurant owners must also adhere to their customers’ tastes.

Everyone has different tastes, though.

So when it comes to the different flavors of Denver, which one is the favorite amongst customers in each category? Here is the best of the best in all major types of foods:

Best Burgers-Finley’s Pub

Customer Rating: 4.5


Located in the Washington Park West neighborhood, Finley’s is the favorite among Denver residents for burgers. You get to build your own so you don’t have to take one that was already on the menu and butcher it to your liking.

It’s not just the burgers that have everyone in Denver loving Finley’s, there is great pub food all throughout the menu. If you’re in the mood for something as simple as a burger and a beer, then Finley’s is the right place to go.

There’s a large drink menu and patio to relax on, so hurry in before it gets too cold to sit outside.

Best Italian-Osteria Marco

Customer Rating: 4.0


There is a large discrepancy in terms of the ratings at Osteria Marco as the 4 and 5 star reviews outweigh negative ones by an amazing margin. The restaurant is located in the Northwest part of Denver and customers rave over their…well…everything.

The selection at Osteria Marco is amazing and they offer everything from shrimp salad and pizza to parmesan chicken sandwiches. The atmosphere and appetizers put Osteria Marco over the top of the other Italian restaurants.

Best Asian-Dong Khanh

Customer Rating: 4.5


For the very best Vietnamese food in the city, people choose Dong Khanh restaurant. The most popular thing on the menu is the appetizers, and they are plentiful. You even get to take spring rolls, and roll them at your own table.

They don’t use store bought items, either. The entire menu is authentic from Vietnam and the prices are fair. If you are in the mood for Vietnamese and on the Southwest side of town, check this one out.

Best Pizza-Hops and Pie

Customer Rating: 4.0


Not only does Hops and Pie offer the best pizzas in the city, but it also offers a large selection of drinks that are consistently sold at great prices. They accommodate all needs in diet from gluten-free to vegan and lactose intolerant.

Stop in for some pizza and happy hour drink specials when in the Northwest part of Denver. According to customers, you won’t regret it.

Best BBQ-Tom’s Home Cookin’

Customer Rating: 4.5

Website: No official site

No matter what you can think of in terms of barbecue, Tom’s pretty much has it perfected. The fried chicken is great, the catfish is great, the sides are great, you name it.

Denver isn’t known for its barbecue in the same ways that Memphis and Kansas City are, but Tom’s definitely brings the flavor from the south. There’s going to be plenty to take home, as well, as the portions are enormous.

Best Seafood-Ocean Prime

Customer Rating: 4.0


Although Ocean Prime is the priciest restaurant on the list, it’s worth every penny. The atmosphere is incredible and the food is top of the line.

They have lobster bisque, mashed potatoes, crab cakes, steak and all sorts of surf and turf options. It’s a classy place that has valet parking available, so if you go, make sure to dress the part and bring your wallet.

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