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Best 3 Places To Travel During The Summer



Even though winter is in full swing, now is the time to start planning your next summer vacation. For most of us, we can only take one big trip per year, so we have to make it count. As such, you may be wondering where you can go that will make the most out of your investment. Thankfully, we have created a list of the top summer destinations. Be sure to download a free weather app for Android, so you can see the best time to go unless you prefer to be drenched in sweat.


If you’re going to enjoy the summer sun, why not do it on a beach with a drink in your hand? Of all the Hawaiian Islands, Maui is by far the best. The natural scenery is second to none, and the local culture is teeming with excitement. Be sure to take advantage of the food scene here. Don’t leave without trying some local fish and some favorite Hawaiian dishes.

San Francisco

If you want to enjoy the heat without it getting overwhelming, then San Francisco is a fantastic option. The City by the Bay is a great place for eating, shopping, and relaxing. Take the trolley through the streets and be sure to visit the marina for some excellent seafood. Download a local weather app to avoid the hottest part of the summer (August).


For those who want something more exotic, Santorini is the perfect getaway for a couple or a family who intends to see the world. Any Mediterranean locale is fantastic during the summer months, but this city is truly special with its pristine white buildings and immaculate beaches.

When it comes to a summer vacation, you want to go somewhere that thrives during the hottest part of the year. As long as you have a free weather app for Android with you, you can avoid the most sweltering days, and instead enjoy the sun.


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