The Best Places to Dive and Surf in Australia

Australia is ranked among the world’s top diving and surfing destinations, and the country is endowed withthousands of kilometers of coastline, making for excellent surfing and diving. Many of thesesurf spotshave accredited schools that offer training for beginners, or give experienced adventured freedom to seek thrills on their own. If you are looking to get […]


Go off the Beaten Track in Search of Your Perfect Holiday This Year

KYRGYZSTAN Kyrgyzstan sits undisturbed between two harsh and sun scorched deserts in the middle of Asia.Since it’s mostly unexplored, it is an ideal destination for an off the beaten track experience. It is wild, mountainous, rugged and remote with stark glaciers and pristine lakes; it waits for you to venture here when you decide on […]


Holidays for the Boys: The Best Men Only Getaways

GOLF HOLIDAY IN TURKEY Turkey will offer a perfect destination for you and the boys. It is strikingly diverse; mixed cultures, ancient wonders and stunning coastline with beautiful sandy beaches. But this is not only what you expect from Turkey; it is the splendid world class . For a fine holiday swing to the Antalya […]


Family trips to Las Vegas

Las Vegas over the years has become more and more popular with people all around the world for a good number of reasons, the most important one being that it is good fun for everyone to visit no matter what age you are. There are so many different spectacles to see while there that often […]

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Let’s get away from it all

Summer is coming! For me, summer means flip flops, sun-cream, shorts, bikinis and beaches. This is my favourite season of the year, when the sun shines, everyone smiles (mostly), and we all look that little bit healthier, thanks to vitamin D. Of course summer also means summer holidays, which are another of my favourite things. […]


The top 5 British ciders and where to find them

It’s no secret that the British like a good drink and as well as beer and lagers, we’re increasingly choosing cider as our poison. While cider has always been popular, this sudden boom in sales is a relatively new trend. To help you choose the right cider for your taste we’ve taken on the hard […]


Activities for Children on Florida's East Coast

If you are planning on taking the family for a trip to the Sunshine State, then you are probably imagining the lot of you lying on one of Florida’s many amazing beaches for the whole fortnight. And yeah, that is definitely a possibility, and a damned enjoyable one at that, but you and your kids […]


Top Romantic Attractions Jamaica Has to Offer

There’s no doubt that Jamaica is one of the most beautiful and romantic islands in the Caribbean, and because it’s people are so welcoming, millions of tourists flock here every year to enjoy their holidays. If you’re looking to take your other half away on a romantic break to Jamaica, then you should know that […]


Travelling Slow – The Best Cruises in the World!

Are you looking for the ultimate travel experience where you can visit multiple destinations, pack and unpack once, enjoy culinary delights that tantalise the palate, treat yourself to a relaxing massage and be entertained with colourful shows and many genres of music? You don’t have to look any further than jumping aboard a megaship and […]

shopping streets in Hong Kong
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The Art of Shopping in Hong Kong

yes, evem shopping has an art. Or at least you should have that skill in getting the best find, at equally good prices. We all know that Hong Kong is a great place to shop for great, cheap finds. Let me tell you these though, haggling in Hong Kong can give you even cheaper prices. […]

Oia Cave Houses

3 Nice Places to go to in Santorini

Yes, we just can’t get enough of Santorini. This is probably one of the most breath-taking places in the whole world. It’s so genuinely dramatically romantic that you’d want to stay there. The best way to explore Santorini would be by foot but if it’s your first time, you’d be better off joining a tour […]