Prolong the Christmas spirit with a trip to Lapland

Although the festive season is a time of joy and sharing, every year it is over almost as soon as it has arrived. Once Boxing Day is done and dusted, we experience that all too familiar feeling of dread – January is on its way. That’s why booking a cheap holiday after the Christmas period […]


Top 5 Places to Visit in Turkey

Turkey is a country filled with enchanting cities, beautiful beaches, vibrant culture and so much more. It’s bound to be a vacation you will never forget. While Istanbul is top for most people’s itineraries in Turkey, it is by no means the only destination in the country worth visiting. While you’re here, make sure you […]


The craziest experience I had overseas

It’s always fun to talk to people about their craziest experiences or the wild and wonderful things that they have done. It’s never good to hear about how these people have no insurance, that is madness! Before you travel anywhere you should always have some super travel insurance. Check out if you’re looking for some […]

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10 Reasons to visit South Africa

South Africa is such a fantastic country, it has to be a must see and on every bucket list. generic cialis lowest price are becoming increasingly popular. Here are ten reasons why you should visit South Africa. Budget travel WIth everyone watching their spending these days, South Africa offers a great place to take your […]

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How to book a last minute holiday

Booking a last minute deal can be very friendly to your wallet! If you book your deal carefully you will most definitely be able to find something that fits in with your budget. Remember that you are not the only person out there looking to book a great last minute deal, so follow these tips […]

Contests Destinations

The prize is for tickets to the  in Austria. Flights and accommodation will be included with the prize it as well. Participants will register by giving their email address and enter the comp by selecting one of three multiple-choice options on each postcard, clicking on a radio button to make their selection. If you need some […]


Off Piste in Cervinia

The is one of the most beautiful ski resorts in the world, offering visitors a breathtaking vista of the Alps. The ski-lift from Cervinia is linked to Zermatt in Switzerland, home to the world’s most beautiful mountain range. Cervinia has access to the highest ski-lifts in Europe, offering tourists an opportunity to ski in the […]


Beach. City. Mountains. What&http://maiden-voyage-travel.com/039;s Your Favourite Holiday Type?

While some people fancy holidays full of activities trekking high in the mountains others prefer lazing on the pristine sandy beaches while others still enjoy the fun of vibrant cities. Whichever type of holiday that makes your heart beat with excitement here are some of the places you might want to visit. BEACHES IN GREECE […]