Apply for a visa like a pro

Applying for a visa is a major part of travel, gaining access to a country is such a big thing and failing to do so can really destroy a lot of your travel plans.

This means that you need to take the process seriously and spend as much time as needed making sure that everything goes to plan. Believe it or not people make some really silly errors when applying for visas, so to make sure you avoid the same mistakes I have come up with 3 simple tips to help you on your way.

Be Smart

This doesn’t just refer to using your brain, but it has everything to do with how you dress. Remember that when you step in to a consulate or embassy you are stepping in to an official government building. So where trousers, shoes and a shirt. Do you really think the government officer will be helpful if you disrespectfully wear flip flops, shorts and a vest? Be Smart!

Get Your Documents Ready

This is very important. Make sure that you have filled in the forms clearly and correctly. The have a look at the checklist which was provided – do you have all the supporting documents? You will need flight tickets and hotel bookings, unfortunately you might not always have them when you apply. So use a service like visa reservation that is able to provide you with all the documents you will need – the best thing is that the price is a bargain!

Don’t Leave It Until The Last Minute

This is a common error. As soon as you know where you’re going then get straight on to the embassy and find out all of the information you need. If you leave it until the last minute you may not got the visa or you might have to pay a super expensive express fee. You also need time if you’re application is declined and you need to reapply. Leaving enough time is the easiest part of this list – don’t trip up at this schedule.

Do you have any horror stories when you were applying for a visa, or do you have some awesome tips to share with the rest of the community here? Good or bad I am sure we would all love to hear about your experiences. Simply put your musings down in the comment section below this post.

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