Africa’s Scientific Independence and Business Growth

Africa is a continent with one of the richest and oldest histories, and has faced so many challenges over the centuries. And this continent so steeped in culture and tradition is now coming out as a major contender in science, business and trade. As modern technology reaches the hands of prominant African scientists, it provides the possibility for economic growth and scientifici independence. The uses of science and technology for Africa’s future are endless. One thing is for sure: all this growth is moving Africa forward with no chance of going back.


There have been many areas in which scientific improvements have helped Africa to grow over recent years. They have invested greatly in drone technology, which is helping to improve and strengthen their military. Drone technology is currently being used as well to improve roads and safety in Africa. Education is another major area that is seeing improvements thanks to the growth of science and technology in Africa. The introduction of mobile education technology is now making education far more accessible in Africa than it ever has been. Many villages do not have schools for children and cannot afford to hire teachers. The cost of books and materials as well can be too much for these villages and people to afford. But a mobile technology device, with one simple investment, can turn around these childrens’ futures by giving them access to the education they deserve.

Even though there have been many improvements in Africa’s scientific growth, there is still a powerful science agenda present here. So why is scientific independence so important to Africa? If they are able to grow scientifically and technologically within their own continent, Africa will be able to sustain itself for years to come. The idea is to enter into a successful and sustainable future for Africa and its people.

Dr. Alvaro Sobrinho is one of many leading philanthropists and businessmen in Africa who are helping to lead the change. From Angola, he has personally been a part of one of Africa’s most successful rising economies. But his work doesn’t stop there; he holds and speaks about a vision for Africa’s scientific independence in the years to come. And this is clearly a real possibility, as science and technology are being greatly emphasized in the realms of higher education. Africa knows that its future lies in the hands of the young people, so here is where they need to focus their efforts. In order for Africa to achieve true scientific independence, it must train its new generation to continue working towards this goal.