About the Team


The Mayden Voyage Travel blog has gathered a team that shares the same passion for travelling. They love sharing their knowledge with those interested in doing the same and they’re doing a wonderful job while at it.

I’m currently looking for interns with writing and or marketing or IT skills, regular guest columnist, and an editor. The positions will be for both this site, and helping me project manage my other travel sites. If you’re interested, please drop me a line at http://maiden-voyage-travel.com/contact/ with the subject line ’employment possibility’.

Cheers guys, and happy travels!


I’m Phoebe, a writer who lives in the bustling city of Manila in the Philippines. Apart from staying in this archipelagic country with various interesting beaches, mountains and plains, hey, I still want to travel the world.

I was lucky to visit a few Asian countries. I found the (very!) best egg tarts I’ve ever tasted in Jordan, Kowloon; fell truly in-love with Thailand’s serenity and Phuket’s seascape; visited Singapore three times and finding out new interesting places each time; and flew at 72 meters above sea level in Sentosa’s Zipline.

With these few trips, it fueled me to achieve more travels in the next few years. I dreamt to travel farther and wider across the globe, with the promise of setting foot on Paris before I die.

I’m not afraid to travel alone. And I’m not afraid to get lost, that is part of the journey. I can walk all day and night exploring the city, the culture and relish the different delicacies. With travelling, there is much languages to learn, cultures to understand, people to know, and I am ready for that. These all shows the risk-taker in me.

Apart from jumping to different places, I love to work and to write (wherein working and writing does not make any difference to me). I take opportunities as they come, with the fear that it will never come again.

With that said, I am very eager to take part on each of your journeys and share whatever experiences and knowledge I have to help each of you (our readers) have a trip that you cannot forget.



Jeshwah Hénry

Hello Hello. My name is Josh and here is a lil’ aboot me. I’m a Canadian. I grew up in a small town of 9000 people in northwestern Ontario. With the nearest city 375Km away and nothing around but forest, lakes and more forest it was a bit like being stranded on a deserted island in a weird way. So growing up there wasn’t much to do other than explore the space around me. Because of befriending an Australian exchange student in high school I decided to head to Australia in 2005 once I had graduated.


Hi there! My name’s Kristen and I grew up in the northwest corner of the USA in Seattle, Washington- a home I’ll always adore for its gorgeous nature, coffee, eclectic art, music and food scene (…and much more!)

While studying abroad in Florence, Italy during university, I discovered an insatiable desire for travel and adventures- a passion that has never ceased. After returning to Italy to teach English in summer camps, I knew that travel had to remain a central part of my life.

Soon after, I moved to Prague, Czech Republic to become a certified English teacher and discover Europe. Spending Christmas under the Akropolis in Athens, exploring the Alhambra in Granada, Spain, and volunteering on a horse farm in France were some of the many highlights of my travels. And living in the magical city of Prague for two years showed me how incredible it is to take a risk with your life, connect with a different culture and build a life, home and community in a foreign country.

After Europe, I headed off to Chiang Mai, Thailand, where I’m currently writing, teaching, exploring by motorbike, connecting with fantastic people from around the world and eating the best food I’ve ever tasted.

Aside from hopping on planes, trains, boats and bikes to new places, I adore writing and photography, drawing and painting, animals, and learning guitar! I’m also passionate about languages (especially Italian!), and immersing myself in the Thai language. I’m so happy to be writing about the amazing adventures to be had around the globe, and hope to help you on your journey to get out there and explore this beautiful world!